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Legacy DBC New Corps Director Exclusive Interview | By Brigade Performing Arts
After an amazing season, winning the Gold Medal in Division 2 Drum Corps, Legacy Drum and Bugle Corps went through some sudden staff changes. After the corps director allegedly "went insane" from the stress of season 87, Pizza Steve took over as his full time replacement. Luckily, we recently had the opportunity to ask him some questions, so here they are!

When Pizza Steve was asked about his background in the drum corps activity and how he got involved, all he had to say was that he "watched a drum corps show once", and that he got involved with Legacy by "finding them rehearsing and slowly incorporating himself into the staff team".

When we tried to ask the staff team at Legacy questions about the change in leadership, all Pizza Steve had to say was:

"the staff aNd cOrps veTs feel great about the change in leadership! of course they do!why wouldn’t they? theyre all too busy rehearsing right now to be asked any questions but they are all very delighted with the change, no doubt about it, no doubt at all"

Pizza Steve feels that he will greatly improve the corps by bringing new teaching methods such as "hitting the drum yes hitting the drum is very important"

When asked if there's anything he wants to say to the FMA community, all he had to say was:

"Legacy is going for it again this season and it’s all entirely because of me not because of any other staff"

Anyways, thank you for reading this exclusive interview by Brigade Performing Arts. Brigade Performing Arts has always had strong connection to Legacy DBC in terms of friendliness and competition. We wish Legacy the best of luck in Season 88!

Sincerely, Multivolt (Head Director of Brigade Performing Arts)
Director of Brigade Performing Arts

The Brigadiers Drum and Bugle Corps (S86 S87 Division 2 Finalists)

Brigade Indoor Percussion (S87 Division 3 World Champions)