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Warren Association - Pre Season 70
After a very successful season 68, all 4 of our corps were moved up to Division 2.
At first the corps ranked low but managed to climb their way up to the top with all corps making finals and the Warren Devils & Warren Blue Devils taking 3rd place.

Last season we had some budgeting issues with our staff and are glad to announce that this has been resolved.

We have a special announcement to make! The Warren Association is proud to announce that the Warren Devils, Warren Blue Devils, and Warren Drumline has joined the Board of Directors for Drum Corps United, United State Band Educators Association, and Alliance of Percussion Ensembles. They will be working to bring in new members and help around.
Warren Association - Director of Performing Arts & CEO
Drum Corps United - Leader

Gold Coast Drum and Bugle Corps - DCU
Gold Coast Marching Ensemble - USBEA
Gold Coast Winterguard - WGU
Gold Coast Indoor - APE