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League Directory
League Designation Type Members
American Association of Drum Corps AADC Drum Corps 15
#bestleagueever #BLE Color Guard 9
Advanced Marching band AMB Marching Band 1
Alliance of GC winterguards I-10 G Color Guard 18
Alliance of Percussion Ensembles APE Drumline 19
Always Win, Never Lose Color Guard AWNLC Color Guard 1
Always Win, Never Lose Drum Corps AWNLDC Drum Corps 1
Always Win, Never Lose Drumline AWNLD Drumline 1
Always Win, Never Lose Marching Band AWNLMB Marching Band 1
America Drumline Series ADS Drumline 0
American Drum Corps League ADCL Drum Corps 1
American Faction AF-DC Drum Corps 1
American Faction AF-MB Marching Band 1
American Faction AF-CG Color Guard 1
American Faction AF-DL Drumline 1
American Marching Band Association AMBA Marching Band 2
American society of Sound ASS Drum Corps 2
American sound society AS.S Marching Band 3
American Spin Society A.S.S Color Guard 5
American stick society A.SS Drumline 4
America’s Drum Corp Association ADCA Drum Corps 0
Ancient League ANCL Drum Corps 2
Annual Performing Arts APA Marching Band 1
Arachnophobia Band Arakn0 Marching Band 3
Arachnophobia Corps Arakno Drum Corps 3
Arachnophobia Drum Aracn0 Drumline 3
Arachnophobia Guard Aracno Color Guard 3
Arizona Association of Marching Ensembles AAME Drum Corps 1
Arizona Association of Marching Ensembles B AAMEB Marching Band 1
Association for All Drum Corps AFADC Drum Corps 1
Back Bayou Drum Corps BBDC Drum Corps 6
Band Annual National Kompetition BANK Marching Band 2
Band Nerd of Amarica BNA Marching Band 2
Band of Online BO Marching Band 1
Bands of America BoA Marching Band 174
Bands Of America! BOA! Marching Band 36
Bands of Fortune BOF Marching Band 1
Bands of Iron BoFe Marching Band 53
BanonD BanonD Drumline 7
BEAT Drumline League BEAT Drumline 96
Beaux Musique BOA Midwest BMBOAM Marching Band 1
Benimen's Marching Band League BMBL Marching Band 1
Blue Band Battalion BBB Drum Corps 13
BMR Color Guard BMRCG Color Guard 8
BMR Drum Corps BMRDC Drum Corps 11
BMR Drumline BMRDL Drumline 11
BMR Marching Band BMRMB Marching Band 8
Bootleg Bands of America bBOA Marching Band 17
bootleg Drum Corps International bDCI Drum Corps 7
BootlegWinter Guard International bWGI Color Guard 17
BRAVO! BANDS BRAVO! Marching Band 215
California Regiment of Corps CaRoC Drum Corps 1
Carolina Drum Corps Association CDCA Drum Corps 1
Cartesian Drumline Circuit CDLC Drumline 1
Central Haven for All Marching PerformerS CHAMPS Marching Band 1
CG Eagle Nest FLIGHT Color Guard 8
Charger Pride Marching League CPML Drum Corps 28
Charger Pride Marching League 2 CPML2 Marching Band 31
Charger Pride Marching League 3 CPML3 Color Guard 4
Charger Pride Marching League 4 CPML4 Drumline 4
CLASS CLASS Drum Corps 248
Colonial Association of Drumline Arts CADA Drumline 44
Colonial Association of Guards CAoG Color Guard 45
Colonial Association of Marching Arts CAMarA Marching Band 44
Colonial Association of Musical Arts CAMA Drum Corps 42
Color Guard Alliance CGA Color Guard 28
Color Guard Online CGO Color Guard 1
Color Guards Together CGTG Color Guard 41
Color Guards unDUTCHable CGUNDU Color Guard 1
Colors of the Wind! CotW! Color Guard 1
Competitive Spirit CS Drum Corps 3
Corps of Steel CoS Drum Corps 1
Cosmic International CSI Marching Band 38
Dad Bod Dennis and Chunky Chowning Corps DBDCCC Drum Corps 7
DCI Eagle Nest NEST Drum Corps 4
DCI Tuxedo Corps DCITC Drum Corps 2
DCI2 DCI II Drum Corps 1
DCIEmpire EMP Drum Corps 2
Delaware Marching League DML Drum Corps 1
DL Eagle Nest SOAR Drumline 2
DLO/FDL2012 DLO Drumline 4
DownBeat Percussion Circuit DBPC Drumline 10
Drum and Brass Ensembles DBE Drum Corps 1
Drum Champion's Coalition DCC Drumline 1
Drum Corps Associates DCA Drum Corps 14
Drum Corps Global DCG Drum Corps 5
Drum Corps International Alliance DCIA Drum Corps 1
Drum Corps League DCL Drum Corps 75
Drum Corps Midwest DCM Drum Corps 1
Drum Corps of America DCoA Drum Corps 2
Drum Corps of American dream Dream Drum Corps 1
Drum Corps of the Internet DCI Drum Corps 21
Drum Corps Online DCO Drum Corps 3
Drum Corps Together DTG Drum Corps 71
Drum Corps unDUTCHable DCUNDU Drum Corps 2
Drum Corps United DCU Drum Corps 32
Drum Corps West League DCWL Drum Corps 0
Drum Diddle Bands DDB Drumline 2
Drumcorps Annual National Kompetition DANK Drum Corps 1
Drumline unDUTCHable DLUNDU Drumline 1
Drumlines Of America DOA Drumline 5
Drumlines Online DRO Drumline 1
Drumlines Together DLTG Drumline 62
Drumlines.org DLO/CG Color Guard 1
Drummers Across the Land DAC Drumline 1
Drums of the Whovians DR.WHO Drum Corps 1
Drums Reaching Ultimate Measures of Success DRUMS Drumline 100
East Coast Performance Association ECPA Drum Corps 9
Easter Guard Association EGA Color Guard 2
Eastern Fantasy League EKU Marching Band 1
Echo Percussion ECHO Drumline 19
Electronic Drum Machines EDM Drumline 2
Elite Marchers EM Color Guard 1
Elite Percussion International EPI Drumline 9
ENCORE! ENCORE Marching Band 157
Evergreen Color Guard League EGCGL Color Guard 2
Evergreen Drumline League EGDLL Drumline 2
Evergreen Marching Band League EGMBL Marching Band 1
Fantasy Alliance of Marching Ensembles FAME Drum Corps 295
Fantasy Bands of America FBOA Marching Band 13
Fantasy Marching Arts Marching Band League FMAMBL Marching Band 0
Fantasy Marching Bands FMB Marching Band 1
Fantasy Winter Guard International FWGI Drumline 14
Finest League of Acclaimed Guards FLAG Color Guard 24
Florida Band Master Association FBA Marching Band 25
Flow Winter Guard National League FWGNL Color Guard 5
Flying Colors FCCG Color Guard 1
French Horns Of Radiant Nations F-HORN Drum Corps 2
Galactic Drum Federation GDF Drumline 15
Global Band Association GBA Marching Band 1
Global Drumline Association GDA Drumline 1
Gold Eagle Drum Corps GEDC Drum Corps 76
GoldenThunderGalaga GSTBG Drum Corps 1
Grand Sports Performance Association GSPA Marching Band 6
Gulf Coast Alliance I-10 Drum Corps 18
Gulf Coast Alliance Drummers I-10 D Drumline 18
Gulf Coast Alliance of Marching Bands I-10MB Marching Band 18
Guys In Color Guard GICG Color Guard 19
Guys In Colorguard #GICG Color Guard 7
Hardin Valley Color Guard HVCG Color Guard 2
Harmonic Outdoor Performance Ensembles HOPE Marching Band 23
Hawk Guard League GHAWK Color Guard 11
Headwaters FLOWON Drum Corps 3
HeartBEAT - United States of America H-USA Drumline 9
Hecking Amazing Mdrums HAM Drumline 1
Hendrickson Alliance of Wise and Knowing Show HAWKS Drum Corps 3
Hendrickson Percussion Ensemble HAWKPE Drumline 1
Hoover Performers' Association HPA Drum Corps 1
iMarch Drum Corps Association iMarch Drum Corps 1
Independent Marching Arts Conference iMac Drum Corps 4
Indian Trail Marching League DC ITMLDC Drum Corps 1
Indian Trail Marching League MB ITMLMB Marching Band 1
Indiana Music Educators Association IMEA Marching Band 3
Indiana State Marching Association ISMA Marching Band 22
Indiana State School Music Association ISSMA Drum Corps 3
Indoor Drumline Ensemble Assosiation IDEA Drumline 57
Indoor Percussion Association IPA Drumline 1
INSPIRE! INS Color Guard 35
Intercontinental Honors Bands of Excellence IHBE Marching Band 4
International Coalition of Color Guards ICCG Color Guard 19
International Color Guard Alliance I[CG]A Color Guard 1
International Corps & Ensembles ICE Drum Corps 78
International Drum Corps Association IDCA Drum Corps 1
International DrumLine Alliance I[DL]A Drumline 1
International Indoor Ensemble Association IIEA Color Guard 21
International Indoor Ensemble Association IIEA-D Drumline 26
International Marching Band Alliance I[MB]A Marching Band 1
InternationalAssociation of Indoor Percussion IAoIP Drumline 90
Justice League of America - Drum Corps JLA-DC Drum Corps 4
Justice League of America - CG JLA-CG Color Guard 7
Justice League of America - Drumline JLA-DL Drumline 5
Justice League of America - Marching Band JLA-MB Marching Band 3
Kentucky Marching - Discord KYM-D Marching Band 12
Kentucky Music Education Association CG KMEA-C Color Guard 21
Kentucky Music Educators Association KMEA Marching Band 57
KMEA KMEA* Marching Band 0
Laurel League LAUREL Marching Band 8
League of bad drumlines LBD Drumline 3
League of Corps LC Drum Corps 1
League of Extraordinary Corps LXC Drum Corps 8
League of Gentlemanly Color Guards LGCG Color Guard 87
League of Gentlemanly Drum Corps LGDC Drum Corps 102
League of Gentlemanly Drumlines LGDL Drumline 112
League of Gentlemanly Marching Bands LGMB Marching Band 74
League of JoeBraeuner - Color Guard LOJ-CG Color Guard 1
League of JoeBraeuner - Drum Corps LOJ-DC Drum Corps 1
League of JoeBraeuner - Drumline LOJ-DL Drumline 1
League of JoeBraeuner - Marching Band LOJ-MB Marching Band 1
League of Lightning LofL Marching Band 1
League of Unspecified Identity UNSP-C Drum Corps 1
League of Unspecified Identity UNSP-B Marching Band 1
League of Unspecified Identity UNSP-G Color Guard 1
League of Unspecified Identity UNSP-D Drumline 2
Light Armor Color Guard LACG Color Guard 5
Light Armor Drum Corps LADC Drum Corps 5
Madison Pearl MYNWA Marching Band 11
Madison Pearl MPNL Drumline 1
Madison Pearl MAPE Drum Corps 1
Marble City Invitational MCI-DC Drum Corps 1
Marble City Invitational- CG MCI-CG Color Guard 20
Marble City Invitational- DL MCI-DL Drumline 2
Marble City Invitational- MB MCI-MB Marching Band 1
Marching Arts International MAI Drum Corps 2
Marching Association of Real Corps MARC Drum Corps 1
Marching Band League MBL Drumline 1
Marching Band Organization of Greatness MBOG Marching Band 10
Marching Band unDUTCHable MBUNDU Marching Band 1
Marching Bands of America MBoA Marching Band 20
Marching Bands of America MBA Marching Band 1
Marching Bands of the Internet MBI Marching Band 19
Marching Bands Online MBO Marching Band 4
Marching Bands Together MBTG Marching Band 37
Marching Music’s Finest MMF Marching Band 11
Mastering Color Guard MCG Color Guard 2
Mastering Drum Corps MDC Drum Corps 1
Mastering Marching MM Marching Band 4
Mayday Percussion Association MPA Drumline 1
MB Eagle Nest EAGLE Marching Band 3
MBCC League MBCC Marching Band 4
MCG League of Champs MGC LC Color Guard 32
MDC League of Champs MDC-LC Drum Corps 27
MDL League of Champs MDL-LC Drumline 29
Miami 5 Marching Band M5MB Marching Band 1
Michigan Competing Drum Corps Association MCDCA Drum Corps 1
Mid West Drum Corps MWDC Drum Corps 4
MidAmericanCompetingBandDirectorsAssociation MACBDA Marching Band 1
Midewest Area Drumline MAD Drumline 18
Midwest Association Of Marching Arts MAoMA Drum Corps 26
Midwest Bands MWB Marching Band 1
Midwest Color Guard Circuit MCGC Color Guard 3
Midwest Colorguard & Movement Association MCMA Color Guard 7
Midwest Competitive Bands Association MCBA Marching Band 1
Midwest Percussion Cooperative MPC Drumline 16
Midwestern Drum Corps Assoc. MDCA Drum Corps 2
Militarized Music Education MME Drum Corps 1
Milky Way Drum Corp Association MWDCA Drum Corps 4
Milky Way Drumline Association MWDA Drumline 2
Milky Way Guard Association MWGA Color Guard 2
Mississippi High School Activitys Association MHSAA Marching Band 1
MMB League of Champs MMB-LC Marching Band 33
Music For All MFA Marching Band 4
Music For All - Drumline MFADL Drumline 4
Music For All - Winter Guard MFAWG Color Guard 4
Music Theory Of Arkansas MTOA Drum Corps 3
N.A.M.B. Drumline Association NAMBDL Drumline 1
N.A.M.B. Rifle Team Association NAMBRT Color Guard 1
N.S.B.A. Colorguard League NSBACL Color Guard 52
N.S.B.A. Drumline League NSBADL Drumline 5
National Association of Military Bands NAMB Marching Band 1
National Band Circuit NBC Marching Band 5
National Call of Bands Association (Bands) NCBA Marching Band 8
National Call of Drum Association NCDA Drumline 6
National Call of DrumCorps Association NCDCA Drum Corps 7
National Color Guard Circuit NCGC Color Guard 6
National Corps Circuit NCC Drum Corps 4
National Drum Corps Conference NDCC Drum Corps 4
National Drum Corps League NDCL Drum Corps 36
National Drumline Circuit NDLC Drumline 7
National Drumlines of America NDoA Drumline 20
National Guard Association NGA Color Guard 2
National Indoor Performance Association NIPA Drumline 1
National Marching Show Band Association NSBA Marching Band 1
Natl. Show Band Majorette Association NSBMA Color Guard 1
Nebraska Drumline NEBDL Drumline 6
New England Central NEC Marching Band 41
North American Marching Association NAMA Marching Band 0
north east drum corps association nedca Drum Corps 1
North Texas Color Guard NTCG Color Guard 7
North Texas Drum Corps NTDC Drum Corps 7
North Texas Drumline NTDL Drumline 7
North Texas Marching Band NTMB Marching Band 7
North Western Color Guard NWCG Color Guard 2
North Western Drum Corps NWDC Drum Corps 3
North Western Drumline NWD Drumline 4
North Western Marching League NWML Marching Band 3
Northern California Color Guard NCCG Color Guard 0
Northern United States Association of Bands NUSAB Marching Band 1
Open Class FMA OCFMA Drum Corps 1
Paramount paradiddlers PP Drumline 6
PEARL PEARL Drumline 81
PEARL Ensembles Reunited for the Challenge PERC Drumline 102
Percussion Ensembles United PEU Drumline 12
Percussion of Incredible Noises PIN Drumline 6
Percussive arts Society PASIC Drumline 17
Planet DCI P-DCI Drumline 3
Prestige World Wide Dml PWWDML Drumline 0
Pride of the SEC SEC-C Drum Corps 1
Pride of the SEC SEC-B Marching Band 1
PrideRespectIntensityDeterminationExcellence Pride Marching Band 1
Richmond Virginia Marching Panthers RvmP Marching Band 1
Righteously Outrageous Twirling Corps ROTC Color Guard 116
Roman Prætorian Gladiators RPGs Marching Band 23
Roman Star Color Guardians RSCGs Color Guard 12
Russian Drum lines or Drumming Russia Drumline 1
SkyTeam Alliance of Drum Corps STADC Drum Corps 37
SkyTeam Alliance of Guard Ensembles STAGE Color Guard 15
SkyTeam Alliance of Marching Bands STAMB Marching Band 52
SkyTeam Alliance of Marching Percussions STAMP Drumline 13
SMS Color Guard SMSCG Color Guard 1
SMS Drum Corps SMSDC Drumline 1
SMS Marching League SMS Marching Band 7
South Carolina Band Director Association SCBDA Drumline 1
South East SE Drum Corps 3
South Florida Music Arts Association SFMAA Drumline 2
Southeastern Drum Association SDA Drumline 1
Southeastern Drum Corps Alliance SEDCA Drum Corps 17
Southern Guard Association SGA Color Guard 17
Southern Marching Arts Conference SMACDL Drumline 1
Southern Marching Arts Conference SMACDC Drum Corps 1
Southern Marching Arts Conference SMACMB Marching Band 2
Southern Marching Arts Conference SMACWG Color Guard 1
Southwestern Drum Corps League SWDCL Drum Corps 6
Superior Marching Bands SMB Marching Band 0
System of Blue BLUE Marching Band 1
Tennessee Marching Band League SMBL Marching Band 1
Test 1 TAYLOR Marching Band 1
Texas Color Guard Circuit TCGC Color Guard 1
Texas Republic League TRL Color Guard 1
The Artistically Rewarding Marching Squads ARMS Drum Corps 1
The Banon Guard BanonG Color Guard 5
The Banons Banon Drum Corps 7
The Banons Banons Marching Band 5
The Big League TBL Drum Corps 1
The Big League TBL-B Marching Band 1
The Big League TBL-G Color Guard 2
The Big League TBL-D Drumline 2
The Drum Champion's Coalition DCCN Drumline 1
The Elite Flags EF Color Guard 0
The Exclusive Members Percussion Organization TEMPO Drumline 8
The Golden Bees BKnees Marching Band 1
The Incredible Color Guard TICG Color Guard 1
The Jungle TJMB Marching Band 16
The League of Drum Corps LEAGUE Drum Corps 6
The League of Extraordinary Guards LEGS Color Guard 149
The Masters of the Marching Arts MMA Drum Corps 2
The Midwest Combine MWC Drum Corps 2
The National Color Guard Association NCGA Color Guard 4
The National Drum Corps Association NDCA Drum Corps 4
The National Drum Line Association NDLA Drumline 4
The National Marching Band Association NMBA Marching Band 4
The Pandorica Corps PC Drum Corps 1
The Pride Marching Academy TPMA Marching Band 3
The Regal Kingdom Drum Corps League REGAL Drum Corps 50
The Renegades RNG-DC Drum Corps 2
The Royal Kingdom Percussion League ROYAL Drumline 48
The Samurai Association TSA Drum Corps 1
The Southern Drum Corps Association SDCA Drum Corps 2
The United States Marching Band Assoiciation USMBA Marching Band 11
Three Rivers Alliance TRA Marching Band 3
Time and Relative Drumming in Space TARDIS Marching Band 1
Tournament Indoor TIA Color Guard 6
Tournament of Thunder TOT Drumline 1
UIL 3A UIL Marching Band 1
UMEA's Finest UMEA Marching Band 1
United Bands Association UBA Marching Band 29
United Color Guards UCG Color Guard 1
United Drum Corps UDC Drum Corps 1
United Drum Corps International UDCI Drum Corps 6
United Marching Networks UMN Drum Corps 1
United State Band Educators Association USBEA Marching Band 104
United States Drum Corps USDC Drum Corps 10
United States Guard Association USGA Color Guard 145
United States National Music Association USNMA Marching Band 2
United States of America USA Marching Band 5
Universal Marching League UML Marching Band 19
University Interscholastic League TMEA Marching Band 1
US Bands USBAND Marching Band 1
Vanished Graph Musical Arts Group VGMAG Marching Band 10
Vanished Graph Percussion League VGPL Drumline 5
Virtual Drum Corps Associates vDCA Drum Corps 18
Virtual Drum Corps Associates - B League vDCA-B Marching Band 9
Virtual Drum Corps Associates - Color Guards vDCIcg Color Guard 12
Virtual Drumline Associates - vDLI Drumline 12
We Achieve High Scores WAHS Marching Band 1
We R Who We R WRWWR Color Guard 17
Weeping Angels ANGELS Color Guard 1
West Coast Color Guard Circuit WCCGC Color Guard 2
West Coast Color Guards WCCG Color Guard 1
West Coast Drum Corps Circuit WCDCC Drum Corps 2
West Coast Drum Corps United WCDCU Drum Corps 4
West Coast Drumline Circuit WCDLC Drumline 1
West Coast Drumlines WCDL Drumline 1
West Coast Marching Band Circuit WCMBC Marching Band 3
West Colorguard Circuit WCGC Color Guard 2
West Drumline Circuit WDC Drumline 3
Western Band Association WBA Marching Band 16
White Knight Guards WKGs Color Guard 3
Winter Guard International WGI Color Guard 13
Winter Guards United WGU Color Guard 23
Wolves Marching Band League WOLVES Marching Band 3
World Class Performance Association WCPA Marching Band 32
World Corps Association WCA Drum Corps 2
World Drumlines International WDI Drumline 1
Worlds Finest Marching Bands WFMB Marching Band 9
Worldwide Alliance of Guards WAG Color Guard 1