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LaPorte Festival of Bands Series
The Laporte Festival of Bands started as a small event for five regional bands that competed for the sake of performances. Who could have thought that it could grow to the performing arts spectacular that it is today! Now comprising of four events all on the same day, Drum Corps performing in the evening and Bands in the mornings, while drumlines and indoor guards perform at the Civic Center. Ames Field clamours with fans and corps as the sounds of brass and battery echo all through LaPorte. Over the past five years we have seen everything here at Ames Field; Cadets of Hennepin County's "Bonnie and Clyde", Pulse Percusion Season 68, Valley Marchmasters, and more. This year we hope for a spectacular show on this Independence Day! With 10 drum corps slots, 15 band slots, 5 guard slots (our first year with guard), and 20 Indoor percussion slots, we have a spot for everyone! This year the performances will be better, the bands bigger, and the crowds louder! During the finally, the Black Knights Drum and Bugle Corps, hosts the largest fireworks spectacle east of the Mississippi. Join us for this celebration of music!
Joel Kelley,
Director of the Mighty Blue Brigade