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BPAA to Suspend operations indefinitely
As many of you may have noticed, none of the 4 ensembles of the Bluegrass Performing Arts Association have stepped on the field or floor at all this season. At the end of season 69, the Board of Directors decided to take season 70 off in order to re-evaluate the Association's participation in FMA. During this evaluation period, things beyond the board's control forced a decision to suspend operations indefinitely. We hope to return at some point but as it stands now, it will, unfortunately, be a while before it occurs. Good luck to everyone now and in future seasons.
Director for:
Bluegrass Regiment D&BC- D1 CLASS
Commonwealth Arts Acad. HS Band -D1 ENCORE!
Wildcat Winter Guard-D1 LEGS
Wildcat Indoor Percussion Ensemble -D1 DRUMS
Good luck, and we hope to see you back again. Take care.


Aaron Sickmeier, director of......

Dark Knights - (FAME, original founder)

Marching Elite - (ENCORE! original founder)

Dark Knights Guard