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The Return of the West Coast Marching Arts Circuits!
Beginning in Season 71, The West Coast Drum Corps Circuit (WCDCC), West Coast Marching Band Circuit (WCMBC), West Coast Drumline Circuit (WCDLC), and West Coast Color Guard Circuit (WCCGC), will all return, with but a few events each in order for members to attend other, non-league events, and will include our championships. This is a COMPLETE RESTART of these circuits, so we will be LOOKING FOR STAFF, as well as members. If you are looking for a league, and/or interested in taking a staff position of a league, this is your chance! Also, if you were removed from the league, it is not personal, but took place because of the complete reset. You are more than welcome to return to the league.
Director of:
Mirage Regiment-D3 Drum Corps
Desert Vanguard-D3 Marching Band
Painted Desert Guard-D3 Color Guard
Advanced Mechanics-D3 Drumline