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Nashville Groups S75-S77: Exodus 90
The time has come for the Nashville groups to relinquish their stranglehold, at least for a few seasons, on the FMA arena.

Next Monday, January 21, I will be starting a rigorous program called Exodus 90 with some of my brothers in Christ at Vanderbilt. This program is a challenging prescription of prayer, asceticism, and fraternity that lasts for 90 days, and is intended to bring each small group of 6-8 men that participates in it closer to God and each other through a removal of many of the worldly distractions that we all face and through the introduction of positive habits of prayer and taking care of the body.

Consequently, as technology usage is limited to only work and school for the duration of the program, I will be stepping away from FMA from the middle of Season 75, starting next Monday, until the middle of Season 77, after Easter. This means that the Nashville groups will not be in the race for any Division 1 championships for this season and the next two after it, but I will more than likely be back and competing in full for the start of Season 78.

I wish everyone the best of luck while I'm gone, and I can't wait to get back to competing for championships in a few seasons! I'll be praying for the FMA community and everyone in it during these challenging next few months, and I hope that you'll pray for me and my companions, as well, that we may become better Catholic men and may learn to root our lives more deeply in Christ and in prayer during this strenuous process.

See y'all soon!
Father Ryan Color Guard - 6x DI gold; 18x DI finalist
Father Ryan Drumline - 5x DI gold; 17x DI finalist
Father Ryan Band - 5x DI gold; 14x DI finalist
Nashville Sound - 5x DI gold; 13x DI finalist