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Wen-Org to return in Season 77
On behalf of the Wen Organization, I am pleased to announce the return of Wen-Org groups in FMA’s 77th season.
Shows to be announced on Finals ‘76.

The applettes are officially looking for an active color guard league. We plan to join the first league to invite us.

Staff and members are very eager to come back, as we are already starting the audition process for the next season. We’ve had the music and drill months now and can’t wait to showcase our talent. See you on the field!

Also, expect some more frequent write ups. A commentators position is not one to take lightly and I have a few ideas in mind.

Good luck in your seasons home stretch!
Tyler Brown
Wen Kingsmen FAME BoD
The Duts of Wenatchee PERC
Wenatchee GA band ENCORE BoD
Wenatchee's Applettes LEGS BoD
Founder of Wen-Org
Glad to have you back
Chairman/Founder CLASS; FLAG BoD, ENCORE & DRUMS

Nemesis-19X World Drum Corps Champ
Marching Knights-33X World Band Champ
The Knight Guard-13X Wrld Guard Champ
KnightDrum-40X World Perc