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Potato Performing Arts Show Reveals for S87
Potato Performing Arts presents their Season 87 productions!

But first... a look back on Season 86 -
In one of the most active seasons ever on FMA, the 4 PPA ensembles made their return for the first time since Season 80.

PPA Accomplishments
SoundSpuds DBC (Boise, ID) - D2 Semifinalist (18th Place Overall) - Also, the first annual Idaho Potato Invitational was a big success! Apply for the S87 Famous Idaho Potato Invitational on June 17 today!

Keystone HS MB (Allentown, PA) - D2 Semifinalist (16th Place Overall) - Including the bands first gold medal at the Midwest Marching Band Classic on May 4.

Santa Claus Vanguard WG (North Pole) - D3 Finalist (12th Place Overall) - Including 2 Gold Medals.

Broken Pulse Mystique (Dayton, OH) - D2 Semifinalist (16th Place Overall)


SoundSpuds S87


Carmina Burana - Carl Orff
Mars from The Planets - Gustav Holst
Jupiter from The Planets - Gustav Holst
Ride of the Valkyries - Richard Wagner
Paint it Black - The Rolling Stones

Keystone HS Marching Band S87

"Alexander Hamilton"

Aaron Burr, Sir
Alexander Hamilton
My Shot
You'll Be Back
Satisfied - Drum Break
Stay Alive
All from Hamilton

Santa Claus Vanguard Winter Guard S87

For the First Time in Forever
Let it Go
Fixer Upper

Broken Pulse Mystique Indoor Percussion S87

All Original Music

You can apply to the Famous Idaho Potato Invitational hosted by SoundSpuds on June 17 and the Polar Express Showcase hosted by Santa Claus Vanguard on June 16.

Good luck to all Drum Corps, Marching Bands, Color Guards, and Drumlines this season!
Potato Performing Arts

SoundSpuds DBC - S86 D2 Semifinalist

Keystone HS MB - S86 D2 Semifinalist

Santa Claus Vanguard WG - S86 D3 Finalist

Broken Pulse Mystique IP - S86 D2 Semifinalist
Central Symphony's looking forward to our Boise showdown!

I need to remember next season to save you a spot at Celebration of Arts - Boise, always in need of fellow Potato representation