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Sound of the Times Reveals their Season 87 Show
For their 6th season in FMA, Sound of the Times Drum Corp presents...

Grand Prix

Featuring Music from...

The Big Race - Randy Newman
Ignition - Todd Stalter
Scramble - Todd Stalter
Speed of Heat - Julie Giroux
Havendance - David Holsinger

I. The Starting Line / GO!!!
Our racer approaches the line, ready for the race to begin. There is no mercy given when the buzzer goes and all racers burst out onto the track. Will our racer be able to keep up?

II. The Racer and the Road
Our Racer reminisces over their first time driving on a professional track as the race disappears and it is simply them and the road ahead.

III. Wreck / Pit Stop / Photo Finish
The racer is shot back into reality as the race heats up, barely dodging the madness and dangers ahead of them. They make it out in one piece, but a pit stop is needed. Will our racer be able to stay in it and take the victory in this neck and neck stretch to the checkered flag?

Once again, Sound would like to congratulate everyone invited to Sunday Morning with Sound III and wishes everyone the best of luck with their ventures this season.

Sound of the Times Drum Corp (Re-Est. 82)

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