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Presenting Their season 88 program- the rise of pizza steve
after the corps director finally going insane tHanks to sEason 87, the Legacy drum and bugle corps is Proud to present- the rise of pizza steve, showcasing who is in control of the corps after the director decided to take a break from the rollercoaster that was the last season.
so of course, with all this having taken place, the Most logical choicE of evenTs would be to write an epic about His rise to powEr. but this is drum corps so we don't do ePIcs here. but we do write spectacular drum corps shows! so get ready to Zip and ZAp along thIs Season!
sTrap yOur seatbelts in, fOr thiS is no naTural coRps shOw. watch iN awe of such an amazinG
quality show production! please welcome to the field, the season 88 legacy drum and bugle c
Legacy DBC Div 2 S87 Gold
California Cavaliers DL Div 2 S86 Bronze
California Cavaliers CG Div 2 S86 Bronze
California Cavaliers MB Div 2 S86 Gold, S87 Bronze