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Sound of the Times after Week 1 of Season 88
After one week of competition, The Sound of the Times Drum Corp is very eager to see where the rest of the season takes them.

"We were surprised to see our drop to Division II considering our Semis appearance in Division I last season. But after this week, we realize it's for the best, and we're excited to compete for a top spot."
-Mrmanny (Head Director)

"We may be on the edge of top 12 right now. But I definitely wouldn't count us out yet. We hit hard later in the seasons when they least expect it, especially in our percussion and guard."
-Autumn (Guard Director)

"It feels good knowing that the performers won't give anything but their best. Working with them is a treat and seeing them enjoy it as much as we do is great sight."
-Quarters (Brass Director)

Yes that's right. Sound of the Times sees a medal in their future. Will this come true? Either way, I think everyone is excited to see the corp improve this season.
Sound of the Times Drum Corp (Re-Est. 82)

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