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Recap Roundup: Season 88 FMA Drum Corps Finals

Hello and welcome to the Recap Roundup for the Season 88 Drum Corps Championships! I'm the Fesh Pince of Blair and I'll be temporarily taking over for LongSchlongJimmyJohn while he's busy with real-life (with his permission of course). Unfortunately, we've got no spreadsheets this time around but we'll give it our best shot!

Before getting to the main event, let's talk about something else that happened on the same day as Finals, Stampede Stetson's Drumline Battle! With 16 competing drumlines from drum corps, marching bands, and independent percussion groups, the competition was fierce all the way through. After an initial tie for the bronze medal between the 10th Regiment and X Percussion, the final rankings gave the bronze to 10th Regiment, silver to the Marching Knights, and gold to the Azure Rangers, an impressive feat given the relatively young age of the corps! Many congratulations to all who participated and those who won type-based and divisional titles.

Moving on to Championships, there were a few interesting twists and turns this past season, and some were left wondering who would eventually take it all home, but at the end of the day of August 9th, 2020, the judges were able to move past the blistering summer heat and crown 3 outstanding champions.

After an early lead by the Colts DBC and fierce back-and-forth with the Mustang Regiment and Azure Rangers throughout parts of the season, the fledgling Prescott Scouts took home the gold in Division 3 as well as all 8 sub-captions with an unthemed and untitled show.

In the realm of Division 2, Kanpeki-Sa returns with tales of spirits and deities with their show "Mythical." A crowd favorite, as voted on in the FMA Drum Corps Crowd Favorite competition hosted by LongSchlongJimmyJohn, Mythical beat out the surging Red Blazers in Championships, winning the Brass, Music Ensemble, Visual Performance, and Music GE captions.

The results of Division 1's Championships were a surprise to be sure, but a welcome one, as the Corps of Unspecified Identity once again top their previous season's performance as the single most complete drum corps show in history. "unspecified" wins it all with a perfect score in every caption for an unprecedented 4th season in a row after a promising lead all season long by the Atlantic Clarinet Choir.

With all that said, let's get to the score breakdown for Finals!

Division 3

1st. Prescott Scouts (SWDCL) - 86.115
2nd. Mustang Regiment (DTG) - 81.820
3rd. Azure Rangers (DTG) - 77.020
4th. The Sages (DTG) - 74.335
5th. Carylina Crown (DTG) - 73.535
6th. Colts DBC (DTG) - 73.160
7th. Thunder (DTG) - 71.360
8th. The Auburn Knights (DTG) - 70.785
9th. Blueboats (DTG) - 68.465
10th. Addled DBC (DTG) - 66.515
11th. The Quarantiners DBC (DTG) - 64.735
12th. Rose City DBC (DTG) - 64.300

Best Overall General Effect - Prescott Scouts
Best Brass Performance - Prescott Scouts
Best Visual Performance - Prescott Scouts
Best Color Guard - Prescott Scouts
Best Percussion - Prescott Scouts

Division 2

1st. Kanpeki-Sa (DTG) - 93.730
2nd. Red Blazers (DTG) - 92.170
3rd. Florida Dragon Regiment (SMACDC) - 91.245
4th. Riptide (DBDCCC) - 90.645
5th. Sierrita Sound (DTG) - 89.135
6th. Legacy DBC (DTG) - 87.980
7th. Rebels (DTG) - 87.795
8th. Aftershock NZ B (FAME) - 87.730
9th. Hickory DBC (DTG) - 86.890
10th. Sound of the Times (DTG) - 86.005
11th. Redcoats (CLASS) - 83.665
12th. West Everglades DC (DTG) - 81.305

Best Overall General Effect - Kanpeki-Sa
Best Brass Performance - Kanpeki-Sa
Best Visual Performance - Kanpeki-Sa
Best Color Guard - Florida Dragon Regiment
Best Percussion - Aftershock NZ B

Division 1

1st. Corps of Unspecified Identity (UNSP-C) - 100.00
2nd. Atlantic Clarinet Choir (CLASS) - 99.965
3rd. Atlantic Volt DBC (DTG) - 98.550
4th. Lexington Legends (CLASS) - 97.650
5th. Wonderment Rainbow Cavaliers (CLASS) - 97.545
6th. Nemesis (CLASS) - 96.700
7th. Canada Corps (CLASS) - 96.585
8th. Aftershock NZ (CLASS) - 95.900
9th. Continuum (CLASS) - 94.130
10th. Quiksilver (CLASS) - 93.120
11th. Midland Valley Redcoats (CLASS) - 90.935
12th. Idaho Regiment (DTG) - 89.690

Best Overall General Effect - Corps of Unspecified Identity
Best Brass Performance - Corps of Unspecified Identity
Best Visual Performance - Corps of Unspecified Identity
Best Color Guard - Corps of Unspecified Identity
Best Percussion - Corps of Unspecified Identity

Thanks for the read and I hope it wasn't too jarring to be reading from a different author. Good luck to all of you in Season 89! Remember to check out the reply below for the individual analysis of the 36 finalist corps.
Welcome back to the individual analysis portion of the Recap Roundup! We'll now be going over the finals performances of the 36 corps, 12 from each division.

Division 3

Prescott Scouts (1st - 86.115)

In their inaugural season, they maintained 1st place through all of Championships. They also maintained a 5-point lead over 2nd place towards the very end of the season, and also took home every major caption and subcaption.

Mustang Regiment (2nd - 81.820)

A big jump from Season 87, they landed solidly in 2nd place all 3 nights of Championships, ending with a 4-point lead over 3rd place. They also earned a silver medal in every caption and subcaption.

Azure Rangers (3rd - 77.020)

This corps accomplished a triumphant return in their 3rd season, achieving a bronze medal after a very successful overall season. The Azure Rangers took home 3rd in Brass, Percussion, Visual, and Color Guard, while taking 4th in both Ensemble captions, and 5th in both GE captions.

The Sages (4th - 74.335)

This corps displayed a very consistent level of improvement throughout the season, culminating in a solid 4th place finish at Finals with an interesting combination of classical, jazz, and regal styles. The Sages' strong point this season was in Visual Ensemble, taking home 3rd. They also took 4th in Brass, Visual, and Color Guard, 5th in Music Ensemble, 6th in both GE captions, and 7th in Percussion.

Carylina Crown (5th - 73.535)

Carylina Crown made a surprising jump to 5th place after placing 6th in Prelims and Semifinals, usurping the Colts DBC. They placed 4th in percussion, 5th in Visual, Color Guard, and Visual Ensemble, 6th in Brass and Music Ensemble, and 7th in both GE captions.

Colts DBC (6th - 73.160)

After an early-season lead, the Colts secured themselves a top-6 finish at Finals, barely losing out 5th place to Carylina Crown. They managed an impressive 3rd and 4th spot in Music GE and Visual GE, respectively, while placing 7th in both Ensemble captions and color guard, and 8th in Brass, Percussion, and Visual.

Thunder (7th - 71.385)

Like the Sages, this corps showed consistent improvement through the season, ending up with a 7th place finish at Championships. Thunder takes home the bronze medal in Visual GE and 4th in Music GE, as well as 9th in Percussion, Visual, and both Ensemble Captions, and 10th in Brass and Color Guard.

The Auburn Knights (8th - 70.785)

They secured 8th place with their aptly titled show “Third Season.” This corps earned themselves a bronze medal in Music Ensemble, with a 5th place finish in Brass and Percussion, 6th in Visual, Color Guard, and Visual Ensemble, 8th in Music GE, and 11th in Visual GE.

Blueboats (9th - 68.465)

The Blueboats scored consistently throughout the season, taking 9th place at Championships. They finished in 8th place in every caption except for Music GE, which they took 9th in, just barely getting beat out by the Auburn Knights.

Addled DBC (10th - 66.515)

This corps took home 10th place during every competition of Championships and finished 9th in Brass and Color Guard, 10th in Percussion, Visual Performance, both Ensemble captions, and Visual GE. They placed 11th in Music GE.

The Quarantiners DBC (11th - 64.735)

The Quarantiners continue their Finals streak with an 11th place finish. They placed 9th in Visual GE, 10th in Music GE, 11th in the Ensemble captions, and 12th in Brass, Percussion, Visual, and Color Guard.

Rose City DBC (12th - 64.300)

Rose City nearly didn’t make finals this season, only scoring a fifth of a point higher than the Orange Knights in Semifinals. Nevertheless, they made it into 12th place. This corps took home 11th place in Brass, Percussion, Visual, and Color Guard, and 12th place in the Ensemble and GE captions.

Division 2

Kanpeki-Sa (1st - 93.730)

This corps' return to Division 2 yielded yet another victory for their 6th season and 4th consecutive finish in the overall Top 12. They took home 1st place in Brass, Music Ensemble, Visual, and Music GE, with 2nd place in Color Guard, Visual Ensemble, and a staggering 7th place finish in Percussion.

Red Blazers (2nd - 92.170)

They narrowly took the silver medal for the season after a Cadets-style late-season surge by their chief competitor, Kanpeki-Sa. They won the Visual Ensemble and Visual GE captions, 3rd in Color Guard, 4th in Brass and Music Ensemble, 5th in Visual Performance and GE, and 6th in Percussion.

Florida Dragon Regiment (3rd - 91.245)

The Florida Dragon Regiment secured a 3rd place finish throughout Championships after a very successful season, winning Color Guard and taking 3rd in Brass, Music Ensemble, Visual Performance, and Music GE, and 5th in Percussion, Visual Ensemble, and Visual GE.

Riptide (4th - 90.645)

A very successful season graced this corps as well. They scored no lower than 2nd place at every regular competition and placing 4th at Championships. This corps earned a silver medal in the Music Ensemble and Music GE captions, with a 3rd place finish in Percussion, 4th in all of the Visual captions: Performance, Ensemble, and GE, 6th in Color Guard, and 7th in Brass.

Sierrita Sound (5th - 89.135)

They landed solidly at 5th place during Championships after seeing steady improvement all season, taking 4th in Music GE, 5th in Music Ensemble, 6th in Brass, Visual Ensemble, Visual GE, and Visual Performance, and 8th in Percussion and Color Guard.

Legacy DBC (6th - 87.980)

Legacy DBC had an interesting season, with an apparent coup by the ominous “Pizza Steve.” Nevertheless, they were able to take up a position in the Top 6, continuing their “rise.” The corps excelled in Visual, taking 3rd place in Visual Ensemble and Visual GE, and 4th in Visual Performance. They also placed 7th in Music Ensemble, 8th in Music GE, 9th in Brass, Color Guard, and Visual, and 10th in Percussion.

Rebels (7th - 87.795)

This corps made a small jump from Prelims to Semifinals, going from 8th to 7th place and staying there in Finals. They took home an impressive 2nd place in the Brass, Percussion, and Visual captions, 4th in Color Guard, falling down to 9th in the Ensemble captions and Music GE, and 10th in Visual GE.

Aftershock NZ B (8th - 87.730)

Narrowly sandwiched between 7th and 9th place, with less than a point’s difference between the 3 spots, Aftershock NZ B took 8th place. Also theirs is the Percussion title for Division 2, 5th place in Brass, 6th in Music GE, 7th in Color Guard, Visual Performance, Visual Ensemble, and Visual GE, and 8th in Music Ensemble.

Hickory DBC (9th - 86.890)

In 9th place is Hickory DBC, consistent through all of Championships. They took home 4th place in Percussion, 6th in Music Ensemble, 7th in both GE captions, 8th in Visual Ensemble, and 10th in Brass, Color Guard and Visual.

Sound of the Times (10th - 86.005)

This corps displayed a crowd favorite show at Championships this season, playing music based off the Legend of Zelda. It is safe to say that the crowd wasn’t pleased to hear the standings, but the judges made their decision. They took 10th place, 5th in Color Guard, 8th in Brass and Visual, 9th in Percussion and Visual GE, and 10th in the Ensemble Captions and Music GE.

Redcoats (11th - 83.665)

A late-season surge put this group into 11th place at Championships. In the caption scores, they took 11th place in every caption and subcaption.

West Everglades DBC (12th - 81.305)

This young corps was able to comfortably make Finals this season, beating out the Academy by half a point and taking 12th place, both in the overall standings and all captions.

Division 1

Corps of Unspecified Identity (1st - 100.00)

Participating in only 1 event outside of Championships, they had their 4th undefeated season ending in a perfect score in a row, shocking spectators who were sure the title would go to the Atlantic Clarinet Choir. They earned a perfect score in every caption and subcaption.

Atlantic Clarinet Choir (2nd - 99.965)

Going undefeated all season up until Championships, the Atlantic Clarinet Choir took home 2nd place after a surprising return by the Corps of Unspecified Identity, also earning a perfect score in the Ensemble and GE captions. They earned 2nd place in Brass, Percussion, Visual, and Color Guard.

Atlantic Volt DBC (3rd - 98.550)

Atlantic Volt had a successful regular season going into Championships with several wins under their belt. When the time came, they performed and took the bronze medal, as well as 3rd place in Brass, Visual, and Color Guard, 4th in Percussion and Music Ensemble, and 5th in Visual Ensemble and the GE captions.

Lexington Legends (4th - 97.650)

These veterans took home 4th place at Finals after a consistently successful season. In the captions, they took 3rd place in the Ensemble captions, 4th in the both GE captions, 6th in Visual, 7th in Color Guard, 8th in percussion, and 9th in Brass.

Wonderment Rainbow Cavaliers (5th - 97.545)

Narrowly losing the 4th spot to the Lexington Legends, the Cavaliers placed no lower than 4th throughout the season, ending up in 5th place at Championships. They placed 4th in Brass, Visual, and Color Guard, 5th in Percussion, and 6th in the Ensemble and GE captions.

Nemesis (6th - 96.700)

Yet another veteran group populates the top 6. Nemesis took home 5th in Visual Performance and Color Guard, 6th in Percussion, 7th in both GE captions, 8th in Brass, 9th in Visual Ensemble, and 10th in Music Ensemble.

Canada Corps (7th - 96.585)

Canada Corps’ cleverly named “Bottom of the Ninth” earned them the 7th spot in Finals, a 6th in Color Guard, 7th in Brass, Percussion, and the Ensemble captions, and 8th in Visual and both GE captions.

Aftershock NZ (8th - 95.900)

Although their season was off to a somewhat rough start, this corps pulled it together by the end and made 8th place in Finals. They earned a bronze medal in Percussion, with a 6th place finish in Brass, 7th in Visual Performance, 8th in Color Guard and Visual Ensemble, 9th in Music Ensemble, and 11th in the GE captions.

Continuum (9th - 94.130)

Nearing their 10th year in existence, Continuum earned themselves 9th place in Championships. Brass was the corps’ strong suit throughout the season, ending with a 5th place finish in that caption. They also earned 8th in Music Ensemble, 9th in Visual and Guard, and 10th in Percussion, Visual Ensemble, and GE captions.

Quiksilver (10th - 93.120)

Quiksilver’s 18th revision of their “Beyond Romance” show has netted them a 10th place finish, taking a surprising 3rd place in both GE captions, 4th in Visual Ensemble, 5th in Music Ensemble, 11th in Brass and Visual Performance, and 12th in Percussion and Color Guard.

Midland Valley Redcoats (11th - 90.915)

The end of Season 88 came with some stagnation by the Redcoats, finishing in 11th place with a nearly identical score all 3 nights of Championships. The corps scored in 9th place in both GE captions, 11th in the Ensemble captions, Percussion, and Color Guard, and 12th in Brass and Visual.

Idaho Regiment (12th - 89.690)

The Idaho Regiment experienced success through the season, earning many silver and gold medals and making the Top 12. They took 9th in Percussion, 10th in Brass, Visual, and Color Guard, and 12th in the Ensemble and GE captions.
Thanks for doing this!
No problem! It was a lot of fun though definitely not as easy as it seemed at first, so huge props to JimmyJohn for starting them up in the first place
Edit: Accidentally posted something in the wrong thread but thanks for doing this!
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Awesome write up. I really need to start doing these again. Thank you....

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