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- WAY TO GO to our S88 D3 GOLD MEDALIST: MustangB and to EVERYONE this season! GREAT JOB

We will be performing for some Halloween inspired characters. Enjoy!


About Cosmic International
Welcome to Cosmic International!! I wanted to create a league and see how it runs!!
-EXPECT ACTIVITY!! Thats our motto XD

Here we will post and recognize the most outstanding marching bands in the league!! Here is Finals history and Best Score in the league.(Founded S86)
Cosmic International Best Score:.... S88 Nutmeg Rangers HSMB 98.605
~~~~D1 Finals:
5th Place:Nutmeg Rangers HSMB {97.255}
7th Place: Spirit of Central {94.605}
~~~~D2 Finals:
Gold Medalist: California Cavaliers {82.075} (Way to go!)
10th Place: Avalanche Winds {71.130}
12th Place: The Falcon Sound Performers {70.630}
~~~~D3 Finals:
Silver Medalist: West Everglades Marching Manatees {78.485}
6th Place: GottaGoFast {67.460}
8th Place: River Regiment {65.355}
11th Place: Puerto Ayora Marching Tortoises {61.480}

~~~~D1 Finals:
10th Place: Nutmeg Rangers MB {91.005}
~~~~~D2 Finals:
3rd Place: California Cavaliers Band and Colorguard {85.160}
4th Place: The Falcon Sound Performers {84.390}
5th Place: West Everglades Marching Manatees {83.415}
9th Place: River Regiment {75.875}
~~~~~D3 Finals:
4th Place: Hickory Marching Hawks {74.055}
5th Place: MustangB {66.555}
11th Place: Townname High School {60.165}
~~~~~D1 Finals:
Bronze Medalist: Nutmeg Rangers Marching Band {98.605}
~~~~~D2 Finals:
7th Place: California Cavaliers Band and colorguard {87.880}
8th Place: Hickory Marching Hawks {87.080}
10th Place: The Falcon Sound Performers {83.000}
11th Place: American Fork Marching Band {81.995}
12th Place: West Everglades Marching Manatees {81.750}
~~~~~D3 Finals:
Gold Medalist: MustangB {81.915}
6th Place: Townname High School {67.035}
7th Place: Sound of Appletown {67.005}

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