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Many of you are probably wondering why I didn't put up a league schedule for this season... 2 reasons: 1) I was traveling and trying to figure the schedule out on my tiny phone was getting super annoying.
2) theres a bunch of shows in drumline this season, and its likely we would lose money, unless there was a commitment to only attend DLO shows from our member groups. SinceIve tried that in the past, and it didn't work, I opted to not put up a league ached for this season. Expect one next season...

If you're short some shows and would like me to schedule a couple I can do that, just let me know what date you want it on.
About DLO/FDL2012
We are DLO , drumlines.org, we are dedicated to the knowledge of Rudimental drumming in all marching fields. If you are not a drumline drummer stop buy and check out the web site. You never know you may learn something.

You do not need to be a member of our web site to join, just a love for the Parking Lot & Flams!


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