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Nemesis World Champs, Nashville groups win medals, and MORE exciting news
It was the expected result, and the crowd roared for Nemesis, season 68's World Champions. This is the corps' easiest victory in a long time, and most of the FMA world has already congratulated them. Finals night was emotional for many reasons, including the SIA Cadets' bronze medal victory. Many fans were disappointed but nonetheless gave the corps a standing ovation after the scores were announced. The Carolina Royals won the silver medal, adding to the corps already illustrious trophy case.

In one of the night's most heated bouts, The Panthers managed to hold on and beat Pride of Peachtree, placing in the top 5 for the first time in history. This is despite Peachtree scoring a perfect TEN in the visual ensemble caption, and winning nearly all of the overall ensemble captions, including both GE captions. The corps was disappointed, but they will no doubt try to avenge their narrow defeat this upcoming season.

Nashville Sound placed 8th at finals, but two of their sister groups actually medaled, making this the first time a Nashville group has EVER done so, in any division. The Father Ryan Guard scored a perfect 100 and shared the D1 Guard title with CloudScape, while the drumline managed to win a silver medal, only bested by the Knights Drumline, a Nemesis sponsored group. This historic event was capped off with an early morning announcement today that FAME had brokered a deal with the long time independent Nashville Sound. This means that for the first time in the corps' 39 season history, they will represent a league. The corps' director cited an increased commitment to compete at a high level as the primary reason for the sudden decision. The FAME BoD saw an opportunity to acquire a very high profile corps and decided to offer a contract before CLASS could get into contact with Nashville Sound. The league also reached a deal with season 64 D3 Bronze medalists Pioneer Regiment.

In more FAME news today, the league office is rumored to be in a panic as the President is nowhere to be found. League officials are currently trying to get in contact with him, while simultaneously trying to fulfill his duties. If anyone can contact CTrain, please do so and tell one of the BoD's. Even with the apparent panic, the BoD claims it is confident that the issue will be resolved in a few days, and that all crisis will be averted.

CLASS also has some major news to report. After a brief hiatus, the Lexington Legends have announced that they will return to competition in season 69. This news shocked the FMA world and had fans rejoicing around the globe. The corps' director made the bold claim that this comeback season would result in a Legends World Championship. At a time where competition quality is constantly being questioned, Lexington Legends have come back to put all of FMA on notice. We can't wait to see what they do this season.

The SIA Cadets won the hearts of many drum corps fans last season, but they are no more. The corps' director announced last night that the corps would rebrand, changing its iconic look and name. The Cadets are now Re:Sound Collective, as a result of " restructuring to better reflect the mission of the SIA Organisation". We wish the corps good luck this season, and their director is expected to hold a press conference within the coming days explaining the change and announcing the corps' show this season.

And finally, Masters of FMA will be held in beautiful South Florida this season. The major event will be hosted by The Panthers Music Organization across four South Florida venues: the BB&T Center for Drumine, the AAA for Guard, FAU Stadium for Marching Band, and the newly renovated Hard Rock Stadium for Drum Corps. Tickets are on sale now for $40, and their are still slots open for applicants. Register now!

Thank you all for reading, and we hope to bring you some more great news coverage during the course of the season.
Alexander Morales
The Panthers Drum and Bugle Corps-FAME
FMA Hall of Fame Committee Co-President

UPDATE: ---------From the FAME league office---------
President CTrain has been found. Being escorted back to HQ right now by security detail, was found wandering the streets of Indianapolis after a night of bar hopping after finals. Crisis averted, all league opperations to commence as scheduled.
--------Message sent to The FMA Review, New York City, NY 10:59 PM EST, from St. Louis, Missouri-------
Alexander Morales
The Panthers Drum and Bugle Corps-FAME
FMA Hall of Fame Committee Co-President

Glad to see our FAME rivals can get back on track :-)
Chairman/Founder CLASS; FLAG BoD, ENCORE & DRUMS

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Love it, Alex! Glad to see you around and active again.
Tyler Brown
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