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The Future of 10th Regiment.
Orlando has been our home since 10th Regiment’s inception in Season 76. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed every second of our time in Orlando. The love that we have been shown by the Central Florida community has been unforgettable. Unfortunately, due to housing and event hosting conflicts we’ve decided to relocate. Beginning Season 98, Gainesville, Florida will be our new home. We appreciate everything Orlando has done for us throughout our history and we hope you continue to support us through our new journey.

Additionally, we’re doing a little rebranding. Alongside our move to Gainesville, the 10th Regiment Winter Guard and X Percussion will be renamed ApeX and Swamp Sound respectively. These name changes will help us gain a new brand in our new home while still retaining our core identity.

Despite our move to a new town, we will still continue to financially support Sand Lake High School in Orlando. The partnership between SLHS and 10th Regiment is one that has always been mutually beneficial. We love the directors at Sand Lake and will continue to aid them in their competitive ventures as they continue to produce quality instrumentalists and marchers. SLHS has been an extremely valuable resource to us and we look forward to continuing our partnership.

Now, we turn our focus to this season.

Season 98 will be an incredible season for 10th Regiment. Firstly, in order to promote our desire to be among the most competitive corps in FMA, we are moving from DTG to CLASS. In the many seasons we have been with Drum Corps Together, we have done incredible things (including winning back-to-back Division II championships). We’ve also battled back and forth with many CLASS corps (Season 78 still stings a bit). We thank DTG for every opportunity they’ve given us and we are excited for the many opportunities that CLASS will bring us.

Also, we are excited to announce the return of the 10R Invitational. This season, the 10R Invitational will be held at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium in Gainesville, Florida. Join us on September 16th for incredible performances throughout the day, concluding with a performance of 10th Regiment’s Season 98 production and a special encore featuring iconic 10R tunes from our history. Tickets available now.

Speaking of 10th Regiment’s Season 98 production, check out this announcement video…


10th Regiment is back.
10th Regiment