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From Continuum and Knight Org
As we prepare for the coming season, we have an exiting announcement to make!

In a joint effort Continuum and Knight Org announced they will not formally compete in FMA for one season as they travel the world together bringing the world the best in FMA and bringing attention to our great activity as we work to recruit more members.

The theatrical show entitled RUSH will bring such FMA favorites from both corps and ensembles such as:

Ecstasy of Gold - Ennio Morricone from Continuum First Div II World Championship The Great Train Robery

Long Live the New Fresh - Danimal Cannon from their first Division I World Title

And Main Theme (from Stellaris Nemesis Expansion) - Andreas Waldetoft from their first perfect score season!

From Knight Org selections will include:

The Departure From the Island Suite by Gary Currier from their first Division I World Title

Selections from Symphony #3 by Johan de Meij

Selections from Acadia by Tim Janis

Hungarian Rhapsody Nightmare by Leonard Yu

Other Favorites will include:

unspecified by Corps of Unspecified Identity 92 Show

K from Carolina Royals 77 Show

Victory Lap from Bluecoats and Selections from Blue Deviled Eggs

Outside of the "Bach"s from Dark Knights 71 Show

Day Dreams: II. Morning - All Intelligence Awake, Dana Wilson from Sapphire Vanguard season 10

And where it all began Lux Aurumque from Perception season 1

We are thrilled for the two organizations to travel through South America, to Australia into Japan and then various locations through Europe!

For those students unable to travel, Knight Org will be running its C organizations for the season.

We wish everyone a fantastic season as we watch from a far and travel the world!! See you in season 109!!!
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