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The Panthers Return to FMA
After taking a hiatus in 2018 due to multiple setbacks, The Panthers Drum and Bugle corps is returning and looking to make history. FMA today is smaller than ever before, but Corps Director Alexander Morales hopes to bring the big bands back to the circuit. During the Corps' time in FMA they had to face very tough opposition. The Corps is confident in their ability to score big and finally take home a coveted Division 1 medal. It will take time, but when The Panthers work hard they are always one of the very best groups in FMA. The hornline is back!

Next season The Panthers Drum and Bugle Corps will be performing their show...

Rocky Balboa

Our opener will be Fanfare For Rocky. Expect the horns to be precise yet explosive on those opening hits. We will use Philadelphia Morning as our ballad, a piece that fits nicely within our music and adds a change in pace. We bring the energy back with Going The Distance, ramp up to a fiery crescendo with The Final Bell, and blast faces off with our powerful closer, Gonna Fly Now. We aim to make Maynard proud with this one.

Thanks for reading! Good luck to all the semifinalists! To announce further, The Panthers Drum and Bugle Corps will be leaving the defunct FAME and joining CLASS. Effective Immediately.

Alexander Morales

The Panthers Drum and Bugle Corps- CLASS
Miramar Marching Mauraders- HOPE
FMA Hall of Fame Committee Co-Founder
FMA Commentator
Former FAME President
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Welcome back! I look forward to the competition next season ;) as a sidenote, I love the Rocky theme
Lemony fresh!