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GSPA Accepting New Marching Bands!
Grand Sports Performance Association is a new league for Marching Bands across the land. If you would like an invite please message League Founder ScepTorBird or myself and we can get you in.
Alexander Morales

The Panthers Drum and Bugle Corps- CLASS
Miramar Marching Mauraders- HOPE
FMA Hall of Fame Committee Co-Founder
FMA Commentator
Former FAME President
We would absolutely love to have you guys join us! We'd love some D3 representation! And it'd be nice to have more than just me in D1 hahaha
Dreems- Director of:
-(HOPE) Lake Orion High School Marching Band
-(ROYAL) LOHS Winter Percussion
-(INS) Metamorphosis Color Guard
-(DCL) Si Feng Drum & Bugle Corps
Well I'm sorry I'm not good enough for D1 lol
Director of everything InFinIte, Aurorain, IPA, and APA!