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Lonestar news!
We here at the Lonestar Regiment are extremely proud of all of our organizations and their S110 performances!

Our Corp and drumline managed to pick up D2 champion titles, and our colorguard secured the D3 silver medalist title as well. Their show’s respectively were titled “Atlantis” “Ecstasy” and the “Sunshine and rainbows.”

This being our second second season overall, led to us also breaking our highest recorded scores in all three organizations. Speaking of organizations, the Lonestar Symphony also participated this season with their exhibition show “Moonlight” since this group was created mid season, they opted out of receiving official scores. The Lonestar Symphony is the Regiments 4th official organization.

Although all of our organizations led extraordinary performances this season, it has been decided that overall all organizations will remain in D2, as each group is still young in its making. This will be good for the organization as a whole, as it will allow us to establish ourselves more in the FMA community.

Enough about S110, and now for more on S111. The Lonestar Regiment Drum Corp, and the Lonestar Symphony ensemble will be hosting the FMA world tour in Weldiya Ethiopia, these contests are apart of a community wide effort to help spread music around the world, to those who may not have experienced it.

And now for the S111 show reveals…

The Lonestar Symphony is proud to present its show “The Lonestar Ranger” this show is a play on the organizations name, but it’s also a show representing the story of heroic ranger stopping a train heist.

The Lonestar Regiment Colorguard is proud to present its show “The Path Less Traveled” this show is a direct nod to the Lonestar Regiment Drum corps first show “Conscious” this show is supposed to represent the Journey of an individual who takes an unusual and emotionally distressing path.

The Lonestar Regiment Color-guard is proud to present their show “Heavens Horizon” this show is supposed to represent the spiritual journey of one’s ascensions into the pearly realm. This show features loads of the extraordinary imagery involved in one’s ascension to heaven.

And finally, the Lonestar Regiment Drum corps is proud to present its all to relatable and nostalgic show- “The Golden Hours..” this show is based off the story of a persons journey through the marching arts, highlighting the important moments and decisions made, as well as the heartwarming experiences and events which those who’ve marched will never forget. This show contains several slow “Golden” moments, in fact the whole show itself is in fact one big ballad, the repertoire takes this ballad like music and the slow pace visuals to a whole new level, in order to achieve our “golden” moments. Overall this shows goal is to be the prettiest show on the field in S111.
Lonestar Regiment
D2 S110 DL and DC champions
Directors-James Yee and Kate Yee