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BHS Performing Arts Returning in Season 112
Hi everyone!

In light of the Spirit of Bucktown Drum Corps breaking a scoring record set back in season 102 during the culmination of a competitive comeback in season 110, the administrative team at Buchanan High School has unanimously agreed to allow ALL of our performing arts ensembles to make a return to FMA competition beginning in season 112.

The Spirit of Bucktown Drum Corps, Buchanan High School Buck Marching Band, Buchanan High School Independent, and the Buchanan High School Indoor Buckline will ALL return for FMA’s 112th season beginning Wednesday, April 5, 2023.

As such, ALL events that were postponed indefinitely (except Cavalcade of Brass which returned in season 110) will be hosted in season 112. No BHSPAA ensembles will be competing in season 111. However, during finals week of season 111, we will announce the dates of our Audition Experience Camps to be hosted on site at Buchanan High School during the preseason week of 112’s tour and training schedule. Spots in all sections will be open, including drum majors and conductors. Returning members are REQUIRED to audition for a position in season 112. No exceptions will be given without explicit approval of the Board of Directors and Director of Bands.

We will announce our tour schedules for season 112 on our respective profiles when events are posted and ticket information is available. Show announcements for Buchanan’s season 112 tours will be announced in a press release from the Director of Bands at the end of March (exact date TBD) before spring training begins on Monday, April 2, 2023.

Any questions, comments, or concerns regarding information about any of our performing groups should be directed to the Director of Bands as soon as possible.

Thank you all so much for a wonderful comeback in FMA’s 110th season. We wish good luck to everyone competing in season 111, and we look forward to welcoming everyone back for season 112!

See you soon…
Director of Bands
Buchanan Community Schools

Spirit of Bucktown Drum and Bugle Corps
Buchanan HS Buck Marching Band
Buchanan HS Independent
Buchanan HS Indoor Buckline