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Synecdoche Begins Gradual Transition to Competitions
The Synecdoche Groups have begun to transition competitions models to allow more room for other players establish their own competitions.

[Synecdoche] Motif will for the first time in S115, host the Parade of Champions Event in lieu of the large Synecdoche Classic events that are a signature of the organization. The new Parade of Champions will host the five groups (down from 30) with the most Influence that have applied as of 8/9/2023. This exciting match-up will ensure a high quality event for our attendees and allow other groups to succeed in hosting their own competitions.

As less revenue is needed for operations thanks to generous donors and alumni, capital generated from these large competitions becomes less necessary to sustain the operations of this organization. These expenses are calculated meticulously by our on retainer accounting firm, Louie & Twister CPA Partners LLC.

Motif is the first of our four groups to hit the financial benchmarks generated by this esteemed firm, and as Synecdoche, Synecdoche2, and [Synecdoche] Mystique do the same, they will also transition to this competition model.

Synecdoche is proud to be an active participant in FMA, and was active in S1, making us the oldest group in the activity without a D1 Gold!