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Updates On GSPA & APA
Hey there everybody! It is Bird here and I just wanted to let you know some happenings in both GSPA and APA.
So last season we changed the marching band name over to Bronze Electrik. Now that the entire organization has come to an agreement, gspa as a whole is no longer and we will instead be going by the name InFinIte!(In-Fin-Ite)
This wasn't hard as I was getting pretty tired of having the word gold in the name and I like this change a lot more. Although GSG and GSI will be remaining because I think those names are cool.
This is all for IPA
There's not much to talk about in line of APA and the Aurora performance association, other than the fact that we had a great season overall and continue to look forward for seasons to come.
Be sure to be on the lookout for the Northern Showdown!
Director of everything InFinIte, Aurorain, IPA, and APA!