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Galactic Regiment S115 Press Release

As we enter the 6th season of our corps existence we are deciding to do something new as we enter the new season, at the beginning of each season there will be a press release explaining the show concept and other miscellaneous things about the corps and its future.

As always our show concept must revolve in the cosmos in some sort of way, this show is originally based on the art of Kev Walker that was used on a Magic The Gathering card called “Damnation.” The art shows a black hole sucking everything into the void in its path. The show uses this concept of a black hole through a tarp that slowly gets bigger throughout the show, which eventually encapsulates the entire group. The music played throughout the show is intentionally depressing and deflating, which shows the internal stress and acceptance of certain death before a big hit at the end of the show where it is realized that this black hole will bring the end of the world and the corps starts playing Stairway To Heaven, which gives a melancholy; almost happy ending to the show despite the black hole consuming everything. Another corps tradition, the “crescent moon drill” is done right at the end of the show when the black hole consumes the group. Overall the group and staff are excited to perform this show for season 115 in our first season in division one!

The Gothania Fightin’ Ravens Marching Band also made division one ahead of season 115 after finishing second in division two last season, their season 115 production is entitled “Voices in the Darkness,” which explores a world where the darkness is everything but calm and smooth. Both Samurai Exemplar Guard and Martian Drumline are coming back from exhibition seasons which saw them both compete at league finals and finals week, Samurai Exemplar’s show entitled “The Moon’s Light,” is set in a crime-ridden and gang-run city where the moon’s light reveals the true colors and crime done in the city. Martian Drumline’s show is entitled “Spaceballs!” which is a rendition of music from the iconic 80’s comedy film also called Spaceballs. And lastly, Galactic Regiment and Gothania Marching Band are both running the fifth rendition of their competitions the “Galactic Star” and “Flock of Ravens Invitational” on September 1st, which are both already full of performing corps and looks to be a very fun night of drum corps and marching band!
Benjammin 275, Director of,
Galactic Regiment
Gothania Fightin' Ravens Marching Band
Martian Drumline
Samurai Exemplar Guard

Founder of GDF, BOD of DCL, WCPA, ICCG
super excited to see it! best of luck in d1!
(D2) Pentium DBC: DCL
(D2) Pentium OPE: ENCORE
(D2) Pentium GC: INS
(D1) Pentium PE: LGDL