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Liberty Bell Performing Arts Season 115 Press Release
 Supported FMA!

This is Msabbara, the COO of Liberty Bell Performing Arts.

We are very excited to participate in division 2 of the upcoming FMA circuit with all of our groups. Season 114 was a record high in all groups, and we thank our sponsors and the city of Barcelona for their continued support. Our results in season 114 would not have been possible without their help.

We are excited to discuss in this post our programs for the upcoming season!

Liberty Bell Drum and Bugle Corps- The Prince of Egypt

Liberty Bell Drum and Bugle Corps season 115 program is entitled The Prince of Egypt. This program is based on the Dreamworks movie of the same title. This movie is a retelling of the Book of Exodus, which describes the Egyptian Prince Moses discovering his roots as a Jewish slave. Following this, Moses leaves the nation in order to go on a journey of self-discovery, and following divine intervention, his mission changes to freeing the Israelites. Featuring the music of Hans Zimmer and Stephen Schwartz, we look forward to sharing this beautiful story.

Liberty Bell Marching Band and Color Guard- Look To The Sky

Liberty Bell Marching Band and Color Guard’s season 115 program is called Look To The Sky. Humanity has always looked towards the sky, whether it be for physical guidance, spiritual guidance, or even curiosity at what might be out there. This show aims to encapsulate the feeling of looking to the sky and the wonder that can often come from it. Our source material aims to describe the different ways the sky has been appreciated, whether it be using it as inspirations for legend or viewing it as the next frontier.

Liberty Bell Drumline- To Enter The Underworld

Liberty Bell Drumline’s season 115 program is entitled To Enter The Underworld. Primarily featuring “Chant” from the musical Hadestown, Liberty Bell Drumline aims to take you to a different version of the underworld than your might be used to. This version of the underworld is mechanical, and the unfortunate souls that inhabit it are forced into hard labor. This show tells the story of personal inaction, the discovery of injustices, and rising against Hades and his town of steampunk horror.

Liberty Bell Color Guard- To Danse With Death

Liberty Bell Color Guard’s season 115 program is entitled To Danse With Death. Death is a difficult topic and can be uncomfortable. This program aims to open a discussion and describe the sadness and acceptance of death. Death and life can often feel like a dance, moving fluidly from one stage to the next not knowing when your last move will come. We aim to use dance as a vehicle to discuss death and its multiple aspects.
Director of Liberty Bell Performing Arts
10x D3 Finalist, 3x D3 Gold Medal, 1x D3 Silver Medal
4x D2 Finalist, 3x D2 Gold Medal, 1x D2 Silver Medal
All-Time #3 In D3 Color Guard