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Liberty Bell Season 116 Press Release
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This is once again Msabbara, COO of Liberty Bell Performing Arts

We had an amazing last season! All the group scores their record highs, with our drum corps and marching band breaking the 90 point barrier, our drumline breaking the 85 point barrier, and our color guard breaking the fantastic 95 POINT BARRIER. Our design teams have been very excited to share the programs that have been created for all of our groups. We are eternally thankful to the city of Barcelona and all of our fans for their continued support! We will have many more announcements coming next season including hosting Masters of FMA, a whole new set of shows (that we are very excited about and already working on), and some special surprises!

Now, we are excited to discuss in this post our programs for the upcoming season!

Liberty Bell Drum and Bugle Corps- “Change and Growth”

Liberty Bell Drum and Bugle Corps season 116 program is entitled Change and Growth. This show aims to describe what it feels like to go through change. Change comes in many different varieties: changes in setting, lifestyle, and relationships just to name a few examples. It is often scary to go through drastic changes, causing us to want to hide away and avoid the feelings that the change brings. This desire is natural, but eventually, you realize change is a necessary part of life, and it can sometimes be the only way to grow into what you want to become. Featuring the music of Pat Metheny, Jacob Collier, Avi Kaplan, and Adventure Time we aim to extrapolate what it means to change, as well as challenge ourselves to fluidly and confidently change through genres. We hope you enjoy our season 116 program, Change and Growth.

Liberty Bell Marching Band and Color Guard- The Ocean Air: A Pirate’s Tale

Avast ye seadogs! Liberty Bell Marching Band and Color Guard season 116 program is entitled The Ocean Air: A Pirates Tale. Join us as we take you on a journey through the daily life of a pirate on the seven seas. Join us as we plunder loot, cause a ruckus, and if we are lucky, we won’t get thrown in prison. Featuring music from Ralph Vaughan Williams and your favorite sea shanties, we hope to fill you with the feelings of being on the ocean air, running wild and free. We hope you look forward to presenting The Ocean Air: A Pirate’s Tale

Liberty Bell Drumline- CyberNetic Funk

Protocol: FUNK has been initiated. Maximum jams have been initiated. The vibes have been set to “Immaculate”. Liberty Bell Drumline’s season 116 program is entitled CyberNetic Funk. Enjoy as our ensemble brings the funk vibes with the mechanical precision of a cyborg. Featuring music from Rafa Rodriquez, Dirty Loops, and Cory Wong, we hope you will bow down to your new funk overlords during our season 116 production, CyberNetic Funk.

Liberty Bell Color Guard- Love in the Air

Liberty Bell Color Guard’s season 116 program is entitled Love in the Air. Join us and explore love through the music of vocal jazz and soothing piano arrangements. Enjoy as our ensemble demonstrates a story of falling in love for the first time. Featuring music from Laufey and RWBY, we hope you fall in love with our show Love in the Air
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