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Knight Org Announces new European groups
Knight Org family of organizations is pleased to announce a reorg of its Patriot division. We have been consistently looking for opportunities to go more international and now seemed to be the perfect time and circumstances. The Patriot division will be moving out of New England and reorganizing in Helsinki and Espoo Finland!!

Executive Director G Currier said he is excited to share the activity he loves with his families home land of Finland. "We currently aren't aware of any FMA groups residing in Finland. Denmark and Sweden both have great success in European Drum Corps and show band circuits, why not Suomi (as Fins call themselves)." "While we know it will take some time to develop to a world class organization in its own, we know with the support from the staff of Nemesis and Knight Org there is a bright future ahead!"

Introducing the new Suomi (Finnish) division of Knight Org
Vihollinen Drum Coros from Helsinki
Ritari Suomi (Knight of Finland) Marching Band from Espoo Finland
Ritari Vajita (Knight Guard) from Espoo
Ritari Rumpu (Knight Drum) from Espoo
CLASS Member and Knight Org Family
Leviathan-1X Div I 1X Div II Drum Corps Champ
Onachus-3X Div II 1X Div III Band Champ
Tarasque-2X Div II 1X Div III Guard Champ
Kraken-1X Div II 1X Div III Drum
 Supported FMA!
An interesting development! Why the move to Finland, of all places?
Lemony fresh!