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Lonestar Regiment Performing Arts to return in S117!
We here at the Lonestar Regiment Performing Arts Organization are proud to announce that all four organizations are on schedule to return as planned in S117!
After taking a 3 season long hiatus (4 for our color guard and drumline) all groups will be returning to the competitive circuit presumably in division 1! The shows we have lined up for each group are some of the best we’ve put together, and we can’t wait to share them with the community!

Our show reveals will happen accordingly-
Color guard-prelims day
Drumline-Semifinals day
Marching band-Finals morning
Drum Corps-following finals results

Good luck too all performers as they wrap up this season!
Lonestar Performing Arts Organization
D2 S110 DL and DC champions
D2 S111 DL and CG champions
D2 S113 MB Champions

Directors-James Yee and Kate Yee
 Supported FMA!
Good to have you guys back! :)
Lemony fresh!
Let’s gooooo
Director - Petaling Jaya Sound (DCL)
Director - Petaling Jaya Irama (LGDL)
- All-time Drumline Div. 3 RANK #7
Occasional Volunteer - Couchmen
I'm excited to have Lonestar back in the competition next season!