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Llibertat (formerly known as Liberty Bell) Season 117 Press Release
Hello Everyone!

This is Msabbara, the COO of Llibertat Marching Arts (formerly known as Liberty Bell Marching Arts). We would like to thank everyone for their support during our last season. Season 116 was another historic year for our organization. After receiving 3 golds and 1 silver medal for two seasons in a row, all of our groups were able to come home with a gold medal in Division II. We are beyond ecstatic with these results and are happy to end the season on such a high note. Now to get into the details of this press release.

This press release has two purposes. One is to explain the programs that each of our ensembles will perform this coming season, including details on the visual elements. And the second is to give more information regarding the name changes that occurred in between seasons.


The name Castells was chosen as the term has a lot of cultural meaning to the region of Catalonia. A Castell is a tradition in which a group of people would climb on top of each other in order to build a tower, then they would dismantle it. We chose this name because our drum corps and Castells share a common theme: Working together to create something that is more than the sum of its parts.

Castells Season 117 program is entitled “Iberian Variations”. This show was designed in order to honor our new home city and the surrounding region. Iberian Variations features music from composers native to the countries of the Iberian Peninsula, as well as music that was inspired by the culture of the region. Our uniforms will be inspired by the traditional Iberian clothing, with the uniforms featuring a Faixa, or a sash that is commonly worn around the waste in Catalonia. All of our color guard members will sport uniforms featuring red ruffles reminiscent of the tradition of Flamenco. We hope to honor the history of the Iberian region and bring light onto the wonderful culture present .

Lisbon from Lincolnshire Posy by Percy Aldrige Granger
Images for orchestra - II. Ibéria by Claude Debussy
Cataluña by Issac Albéniz
Concierto De Aranjuez: 2. Adagio by Joaquín Rodrigo (Ballad)
Nights in the Gardens of Spain by Manuel De Falla
Glory of Catalonia by Michio Mamiya

Piedra Del Sol-

Piedra Del Sol is not named after the famous Aztec structure, but is instead based on a gemstone that is commonly found in Spain. While there is a separate gemstone called the sunstone, Piedra Del Sol is based on andalusite, a mineral that when polished has a beautiful orange/yellow hue. We chose to name our group after a gemstone because similar to how a gemcutter, our drumline is precise and meticulous in order to create a beautiful product.

Our season 117 program is entitled “ Where Shadows Play”. Loosely inspired by the anime “The Shadow House” this program aims to depict a world in which shadows are their own person. Watch as our members depict a world of whimsy and wonder where shadows will cause commotion to their owners. Half of our members will be in uniforms reflective of early Victorian England, whereas the other half will be in black body suits with black versions of the same uniforms, in an effort to depict the shadows of the other members. Watch as our “shadows” play pranks on our other members and cause some mayhem.

/ / // / / by x0o0x_
______ by x0o0x_
Shadow Shadow by Azari
ないない by ReoNa

Les Roses-

As you might be able to tell, Les Roses Color Guard is named after the flower. We chose this name because roses are commonly grown in the region of Catalonia. Roses are also often associated with elegance. Our group aims to exhibit this elegance in their performances.

Les Roses season 117 program is entitled “Nothing Gold Can Stay”. The program is based on a poem by Robert Frost with the same name.

Nature’s first green is gold,
Her hardest hue to hold.
Her early leaf’s a flower;
But only so an hour.
Then leaf subsides to leaf.
So Eden sank to grief,
So dawn goes down to day.
Nothing gold can stay.

The program is about the fact that good things often do not last forever, so it is good to cherish these moments of gold while they are around. Our members will sport uniforms with a nature theme, including elements such as twigs and leaves. Our props will include trees sporting golden leaves.

Golden Hour by JVKE
Thing of Gold by Snarky Puppy
Castania Outdoor Performance Ensemble-

Castania Outdoor Performance Ensemble is named after the Spanish chestnut tree. The tree is native to the region of Catalonia. We named our marching band after this tree because similar to the tree, our groups are hardy and serve the purpose of bringing joy to those around them, similar to the joy felt by those consuming the sweet chestnut the tree produces.

Castania Outdoor Performance Ensemble’s season 117 program is entitled “Wine-Dark Sea” and features the piece “Wine-Dark Sea” by John Mackey. This program will depict the journey of Odysseus that is present in the Iliad and the Odyssey. Our members will wear uniforms inspired by the uniforms worn by Greek soldiers. Our color guard will sport uniforms similar to those found in Phantom Regiment 2008.

Wine-Dark Sea by John Mackey

We are very very excited to bring these programs to you! We spent a long time working on them and it became a form of torture to keep them to ourselves (hence the many different teasers that we released). We are hoping to have the opportunity to perform in Division I in any of the circuits, but we will see how the divisions shake out. We are also hosting Masters this season, which has been great.

Now for the secret announcement: Llibertat is also branching out to create more groups! The groups will perform under the name of “Imperador” or imperial in Portuguese. Yes, this group is proud to be located in Lisbon, Portugal! These groups will perform locally, until they reach a point in which they are ready for FMA. When that will be, we do not know, but we are excited to welcome these groups into the Llibertat family!

Director of Llibertat Performing Arts
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