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Rochester NY looking to the future
After several seasons directing and managing groups across the country, several board members from previously formed groups have decided to consolidate funds and centralize all performing groups directed under blackspid3r to Rochester New York.

The Knoxville Knights Drum and Bugle Corps has now become Rochester Royals DBC after the move. Additionally, Synchronicity has changed its name to Nexus, Bayside Percussion Ensemble is now Pulse, and the Birmingham Braves have sent their assets and staff to Wexler High School and will help the growth of the Wexler High School Warbirds marching band.

All groups are now located in Rochester and will be managed by a new board that consists of several key members of the previous organization's boards along with influential community members. While we understand and sympathize with those fans of groups who have left their previous cities, the financial concerns and future of performing arts required this move. We thank everyone who faithfully supported the previous organizations and hope that you will consider supporting the performers within these newly formed groups.

We wish everyone luck and success in season 118!
blackspid3r - Director of:
-Rochester Royals DBC - DCL
-Wexler High School Warbirds - WCPA
-Nexus - ICCG
-Pulse - MPC
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Very interesting! Good luck to all ensembles
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Good luck! Hope everything goes well this season
Director of Hobbiton Marching Arts Association
What do you mean, good morning?