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Long Inactive Music Performance Ensembles to Return for S118
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After a long 55-season (?) hiatus, the Cornhuskers Drum and Bugle Corps along with the Spirit of Westchestertonfieldville will make their return to FMA competition.

Due to the their inactivity, the high school marching band and drum corps will slowly get their rehearsal chops back in order and begin competing in a few events throughout the season.

Representatives for both the Cornhuskers and the SoW are excited to come back to the competitive nature of Fantasy Marching Arts.

The Cornhuskers Drum and Bugle Corps' production includes "Eye of the Storm" while the SoW will hope to wow audiences with their show "Dragonslayer!"


In short, I have nearly forgotten about this until I saw a post in the marching bands reddit thread and was surprised I could still login to the site.

Since I last was on the site, I graduated with my PhD and have been teaching biology courses at the college-level for the past 5 years.

I have been updating my youtube channel with all sorts of historical marching band videos, including transferring some old vhs tapes, some almost 40 years old!
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Dude. It’s been a long time. Recently brought my own groups back from a long hiatus. Excited to go head to head with you again!!
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Welcome back and congrats on your PhD!
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Oh my goodness. I always considered Cornhuskers a long time rival of Falcon Regiment (later named Continuum)
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Welcome back!
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Welcome back! Glad to have you with us.
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So glad you are back!
Welcome back Rocketfan!
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