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Lonestar Performing Arts to cease operations post S119
For Immediate Release-

We have an important message to announce following thorough deliberation. As Co-Directors of all Lonestar Performing Arts Organizations we are sad but also happy to announce our official retirement from all marching arts activities. Our decision to retire was not easy, but we are excited to move on from this community and experiences to the next.

For general clarity our decision to retire was not because of low scoring, or just dissatisfaction with performance. Our groups have consistently been at the top of rankings in all circuits and divisions since the organization's conception. Our involvement and experience with this community has also been extraordinary, and we are pleased to say we have made many friends during our time here. Our decision was made as we believed we have fulfilled our potential as directors, and believe that it is our time to move on to another calling.

Our organization's last competitive appearance shall be this next season, in S119. This season is also special to us, as it is our 10th anniversary season, and we plan to go out with a bang. Our competitions which are usually held worldwide will return to Texas for one last time, in our hometown of Rosebud Tx!

We’d like to thank the entire marching arts community for their friendship and community as we move on to the future.

-Directors James and Kate

^^The (real life) reason for why we are leaving is because James and I are about to finish out our senior year and move on to college. We just don’t see FMA being mangeable with the rest of the stresses we’ll be taking on like moving and finding new jobs far from home. To be clear we won’t likely be becoming inactive until around the end of S119.^^
The Lonestar Performing Arts Organization
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We'll miss you guys for sure :(

Best of luck with the rest of your competitive careers here on the site and I wish you the very best in your IRL educations!
Lemony fresh!
We will miss you wishing nothing but the best
We'll miss you guys :(
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