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Move to Seoul
Synecdoche Groups will be moving to Seoul, South Korea for a two year residency!
Our groups will be taking a brief hiatus in S122 to prepare for this move - but will be back in full force in S123. Look for our groups to adopt the Hangul version of their names in parenthesis behind their names.
We are excited for this change and are looking forward to providing a challenge for FMA coming again in S123
(Real talk though - my family is actually moving to Korea and we are PUMPED!)
Nice, good for you man.
Brendan Low, B.N. D&BC
Baritone/Euphonium Player for Hamilton Southeastern.
S120: 2nd D3 CG; 70.085
S121: 2nd D3 DC; 72.295
S121: 1st D3 MB; 71.365
S121: 2nd D3 CG; 75.505