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Spin and Rinse
Board of Directors
Underwater Guard
The FLAG league has been inactive due to the president's inactivity. The league will resume ASAP.

Season 76 FLAG Champion Republic Venue (99.505).

Welcome to FLAG - the Finest League of Acclaimed Guards. Season 41 is our first season in existence; we hope to grow to become the top tier, elite league for color guards in FMA.

If you are interested in joining FLAG, please PM echstrumpet8 or any of the members on the Board of Directors - we'd love to have you come spin with us!
About Finest League of Acclaimed Guards
S76: Republic Venue (99.505)
S75: The Knight Guard (99.195)
S74: The Knight Guard (99.290)
S73: The Knight Guard (98.465)
S72: 007 (98.890)
S71: Robinson Secondary School Indoor Guard (99.495)
S70: Illumination (99.955)
S69: Robinson Secondary School Indoor Guard (99.925)
S68: The Knight Guard (99.140)
S67: The Knight Guard (98.570)
S66: The Knight Guard (98.745)
S65: The Knight Guard (99.500)
S64: The Knight Guard (99.780)
S63: Republic Venue (99.605)
S62: The Knight Guard (96.425)
S61: Impact Independent (98.655)
S60: Impact Independent (99.880)
S59: Impact Independent (99.730)
S58: Guardians (99.915)
S57: Impact Independent (99.970)
S56: The Knight Guard (99.765)
S55: Robinson Secondary School Indoor Guard (99.380)
S54: Guardians (99.960)
S53: Robinson Secondary School Indoor Guard (99.765)
S52: Guardians (99.795)
S51: Illumination (94.405)
S50: Illumination (95.395)
S49: Republic Venue (94.975)
S48: Robinson Secondary School Indoor Guard (99.915)
S47: Robinson Secondary School Indoor Guard (100.000)
S46: Robinson Secondary School Indoor Guard (100.000)
S45: Tarasque (98.910)
S44: The Knight Guard (99.600)
S43: Queen of Hearts (92.495)
S42: Veelas (87.750)
S41: Veelas (92.155)
FLAG Overall Event Wins (through S70)
The Knight Guard: 122 wins
Robinson Secondary School Indoor Guard: 46 wins
Impact Independent: 23 wins
Republic Venue: 17 wins
Queen of Hearts: 11 wins
Veelas: 8 wins
Guardians: 7 wins
Illumination: 4 wins
Tarasque: 3 wins
Spin and Rinse: 2 wins
Classmen Indoor: 1 win
Tossing Pantherettes: 1 win
Furies: 1 win
Action! Winterguard: 1 win
007: 1 win

FLAG - the Finest League of Acclaimed Guards is a league for successful color guards in the FMA community, founded by MrsRomo on February 2, 2015 (season 41).

N/A Allusion  89
N/A American Fork Colorguard  10
N/A Anaheim Red Guards  62
N/A Anthron  94
N/A capital pride winterguard  10
N/A DAHS Winterguard  15
N/A Domino  43
N/A Empire Guard  68
N/A Furies  83
N/A Hawks  24
N/A Horizon Risers  48
N/A Hypernova Indoor  54
N/A Illumination  85
N/A Jade  59
N/A Jinx  58
N/A Lynx  65
N/A Melisma  42
N/A Paramind  8
N/A Pride of Armorgorr Color Guard  49
N/A Shining Red  60
N/A Spinners Regiment  46
N/A Spirit Independent  61
N/A Spirit of Lost Springs  4
N/A The Blueflags  5
N/A The Flaggets  49
N/A The Midwest LittleGuard  59
N/A Underwater Guard  64
N/A US School of Color  18
N/A Vano Highschool CG  74
N/A Veelas  98
N/A Velvet Lances  20
N/A Vengeful Gladiators  26
N/A Vista Murrieta Rubies  12
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