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Lakewood Ranch Marching Mustangs
Board of Directors
Welcome to BOA!

Welcome to BOA, an exhilarating and involved league in FMA. We are so excited to have you here with us! Prospective members should send Lincoln Springs a message to inquire about the league! Once in, just make sure to join all the league events you desire made for friendly competition and honorary dedication. BOA is here to help find the best. We are excited to get a very exciting and interesting Season 57 underway! May the best band win!

BOA Grand National Champion -


Season 58 BOA Grand National Champion! - ???
About Bands of America
BoA is determined to bring everyone to it's best. Through Regional competition to Grand Nationals BoA is the League to be in if Winning and Excellence are the success you like to have.

May the odds forever be in your favor!

N/A 10 Yard Dumpster  2
N/A Aero Independent  48
N/A Air Academy Highschool  3
N/A Angels Of The River  37
N/A Aria Bands  77
N/A Athena  18
N/A Aviators  59
N/A Babe Slayin' Marching Band  1
N/A Bari Academy Marching Band  2
N/A Beechwood  3
N/A Big Blue Crew  4
N/A Black Crusaders  6
N/A Blackheart Diamente HS  8
N/A Blackout  1
N/A Blue Angels  6
N/A Blue Ravens  7
N/A Boulder Creek Pride Marching Band  7
N/A Broken Femur  46
N/A Browning Bengal Marching Band  1
N/A Carmel Marching Greyhounds  4
N/A Cats  2
N/A Concord Marching Minutemen  25
N/A Cougar Ensemble  1
N/A Countryside High School Band of Pride  19
N/A Crestview High School  9
N/A Crimson Smolt Marching Band  4
N/A Crimson Steel  7
N/A Dale Potatoe  13
N/A Davis High School Marching Band  17
N/A Dawson Eagle Band  2
N/A Dayton Marching Space Dinosaurs  16
N/A Diamonds  51
N/A East Coweta Marching Indians  56
N/A Edmond North High School Husky Marching Band  16
N/A EYME Marching Magicians  92
N/A Falcon Regiment  21
N/A Fanfare Legends  2
N/A Farmers International  2
N/A Fountain Regiment  3
N/A Francis Howell Bulldogs  2
N/A Galaxy  28
N/A Girard High School  1
N/A Gold Stars  10
N/A Golden Regiment  34
N/A Golden Sound of The Green  7
N/A Great Big Band  21
N/A Green Lanterns  18
N/A Greenfield Marching Cougars  15
N/A Greenville HS Marching Band  4
N/A Greenwood Marching Warriors  87
N/A Hanford High School Marching Band  9
N/A Headland High School Marching Blue & Gold  1
N/A Hee Haw High School Marching Donkeys  26
N/A Hickory Hornet Marching Band  1
N/A Husky Marching Band  3
N/A Ice Mountain High School Marching Band  2
N/A iMarch  18
N/A Infinite Outdoor Performance  22
N/A Infinity drum and bugle corp  2
N/A InStep  7
N/A Iowa Tiger Regiment  7
N/A Ithaca Marching Ensemble  25
N/A Jr. Lonestars  5
N/A JSU Marching Southerners  21
N/A Kac Marching Wind Symphony  10
N/A Kahok Express  91
N/A Knights  16
N/A Land of 10,000 Diddles  4
N/A Lion Stripe College  1
N/A Lisaak HS Dragons  4
N/A Live Oak Emerald Regime Cadets  16
N/A Los Toreros Marching Band  44
N/A Magic Band  8
N/A marching  5
N/A Marching Band  18
N/A Marching Eagles  5
N/A Marching Ewes  9
N/A Marching Glass  27
N/A Marching Huskies  4
N/A Marching Jags  4
N/A Marching Leemen  1
N/A Marching Mathletes  38
N/A Marching Mustangs  6
N/A Marching Potatoes  2
N/A Marching Spartans  9
N/A Marching white Bearz  13
N/A Marching Wildcats  12
N/A Marching Wolves  51
N/A MC Indians  6
N/A mexican rangers  1
N/A Mighty warriors  16
N/A Mile High Marching Regiment  28
N/A Minnesota Sound  3
N/A Motor City Vanguard  59
N/A Mustangs  15
N/A N/A  7
N/A No Mellos Allowed  4
N/A Noises  10
N/A Normal Wldcats  21
N/A North Farmington Outdoor  26
N/A North HS Marching Panthers  4
N/A North Sunnyvale Bucs  96
N/A Northstar Cadets  112
N/A One Time  48
N/A Panther Pride Band  6
N/A Panther Spirit Marching Band  12
N/A Panthers  1
N/A Paragould HS Marching Band  4
N/A Paramount Amadeus  2
N/A Parkview Viking Band  44
N/A Posh People in Top Hats  13
N/A Prairie Heights Marching Spartans  24
N/A Preon Pride  20
N/A Pride of Corbin regiment  5
N/A Pride of Fantasies  5
N/A Pride of Temecula Marching Band  9
N/A Pride of the Lions  3
N/A Raven  8
N/A Recliner Band  49
N/A Red Raiders  104
N/A Red Skys MB  11
N/A Red Tacos Marching Band  5
N/A Regal University Marching Band  3
N/A Revolution Cadets  30
N/A Riner Union  12
N/A Rising Blue  61
N/A Rising Rockets  7
N/A RS-Central  6
N/A Shenandoah HS  14
N/A Shenandoah Marching Raiders  1
N/A Shield's Men  2
N/A Spirit of Bloo H.S. Marching Band  28
N/A Spirit of Darkness B  4
N/A Spirit Of South Dakota  15
N/A Spirit of the Valley  27
N/A Spring Creek Marching Band  5
N/A Stansbury Stallions  4
N/A State-Finals Snider  44
N/A Steel Wind  2
N/A Suisun Superband  3
N/A Sunshine Regiment  1
N/A T-Wolves  8
N/A Tarpon Springs Outdoor Performance Ensemble  27
N/A Taylor High School Marching Band  30
N/A The  2
N/A The Astros  15
N/A The Concordia Regiment  4
N/A The Dark Brotherhood  2
N/A The Fleet  3
N/A The Huskie Sound  15
N/A The Lame Ducks  4
N/A The Marching Black & Blue Demons  14
N/A The Marching Cardinals  25
N/A The Marching Knights  2
N/A The Marching Paradox  11
N/A The Marching Vikings  5
N/A The Marching Wizards  7
N/A The Mildly confused marching band  9
N/A The Opposition Marching Band  24
N/A The Oranges  3
N/A The Pride of Broken Arrow High School  32
N/A The Pride of Golden County  2
N/A The Pride of Goldsville  43
N/A The Regients  1
N/A The Sirens  2
N/A The Stricklane Strikers  1
N/A The Turnt Pterodactyls  7
N/A The Wildcats  2
N/A UCorn Huskers  10
N/A Varekai  21
N/A Warrior Marching Regiment  54
N/A Wayne  131
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