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About Color Guard Alliance
Color Guard Alliance is a member driven association of competing Color Guards. The primary purpose of the association is to provide a positive environment for the ongoing support & development of Color Guard ensembles. Active Color Guards of all divisions are welcome to join & begin the journey toward excellence.

N/A Amazing Grace Corps  6
N/A Continuous Improvement  76
N/A Crown Imperial  14
N/A Diaper Bandits  16
N/A Drastic Decision  41
N/A Dream  8
N/A Fearless Flight  81
N/A FierceForce  6
N/A General Lee's Brigade  14
N/A Gettysburg Elites  14
N/A GForce  6
N/A Imperial Wizards  14
N/A Majestic Phantoms  14
N/A Master Marchers  14
N/A Mystic Knights  15
N/A One Day @ A Time  7
N/A Perfect Explosion  89
N/A Red Fusion  6
N/A Rubix Cube  14
N/A Six Shooters  6
N/A Sleepy Hollow  6
N/A Sonic Explosion  15
N/A SwiftJustice  8
N/A The Pridesmen Honor Guard  30
N/A TheRaptors  8
N/A Wack Attack  6
N/A X Files  6
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