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Beat of the World
Board of Directors
Colored rain
Knights Drumline
The Royal Kingdom Percussion League

Congratulations on a successful season 103, everyone! A special congratulations to the drumlines that placed first in their respective divisions this past season!

Knights Drumline - Div I Champion - 97.315
Pride of East Drumline - Div III Champion - 73.630

I want to also give a special shoutout to all the ensembles that made finals in their respective divisions last season (final placement in parenthesis):
Div I: Knights Drumline (1), Beat of the World (10), California Cavaliers drumline (12)
Div II: Lake Orion Percussion (2), Drums Against Humanity (3), Bridge City Percussion Ensemble (5), Colored rain (7), PoG Drumline (8), Regimentals (9), Macintosh percussion (10), Petaling Jaya Irama (12)
Div III: Pride of East Drumline (1), Brahman Percussion (6), Fort Collins Percussion (9), The Local Drumline Beat (11)

It's incredible how far this league has come! Keep working hard, and I hope everyone has a fantastic season 104!

This historic drumline league was founded all the way back in Season 37, and despite the long periods of hiatus, it has been the home of some of the greatest drumlines in FMA history. Come join the historic Royal Kingdom Percussion League and make history with us in Season 100 onward!

The Announcements were written by farmer98 (Beat of the World)

Last Updated: 03/22/2022
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About The Royal Kingdom Percussion League

The Hall of Fame

Below is the Hall of Fame. This list denotes the best of the best from the Royal Kingdom Percussion League. These ensembles are constantly striving towards bettering themselves and their ROYAL brothers. As such, members in this Hall of Fame are the representatives, role models, and leaders of ROYAL in their unified pursuit of perfection.


Leadership Team:
The following are members of the Board of Directors. They run the league to the best of their ability.

Michael (mikeoleary): Founder
Paul (farmer98): President/Owner

(Unfortunately Michael, our founder, is no longer on FMA and has since handed over the title of Founder to Paul, the first member of the Board of Directors. We will never forget all Michael did for this league, however, so his name remains.)


Title of Royalty:
These members have won the highest score in the Royal Championship event for their respective seasons.

S37: Royal Spades Indoor Ensemble
S38: Diddle Gok Gok
S39: Diddle Gok Gok
S40: The Holy Winged Percussion
S74: High Hitters
S102: Knight Percussion
S103: Knight Percussion


Royal Record 97.500:

Presented to Knight Percussion for their powerhouse performance in Division 1 Finals of Season 103, setting the highest score in Royal history.


N/A Apogee Percussion  29
N/A Artillery Percussion and Battery  6
N/A Atlee drumline  15
N/A Aurora Star Indoor  48
N/A Bitchin  9
N/A BOHS Greyhound Drumline  30
N/A Brahman Percussion  30
N/A Bridge City Rhythms  58
N/A Bucs Drum Line  95
N/A California Cavaliers drumline  111
N/A Cardinal Drummers  4
N/A Colored rain  35
N/A Dark Void Percussion  6
N/A Diddle Gok Gok  150
N/A Drums Against Humanity  72
N/A Drumstick Hotdogs  4
N/A Echo Indoor Percussion  61
N/A FJR Mighty Percussive Panthers  38
N/A Fort Collins Percussion  17
N/A G. S. I.  51
N/A Gold Coast Indoor  61
N/A Hidden Indoor Percussion  20
N/A Jonesey's Cracked Drumline  7
N/A Josh Dunners  52
N/A Kingdom Crusaders Drumline  56
N/A Knights Drumline  150
N/A Kraken  106
N/A Lake Orion Percussion  95
N/A LBC Percussion  66
N/A Macintosh percussion  40
N/A Mystique  87
N/A NA  34
N/A Patriot Drumline  38
N/A Phantom Watchmen  2
N/A Presidents Drum Core  7
N/A Red Devils  19
N/A Regimentals  53
N/A Riverbank Drumline  10
N/A Ryland Rhythm  5
N/A Samurai PX  96
N/A Shatterwave DL  29
N/A Shield Indoor Percussion  36
N/A Silver Lights Drumline  20
N/A Spartan Sound  11
N/A Statesmen Drums  2
N/A The Cackle  18
N/A The Devilish Drummers  5
N/A the diddle masters  5
N/A The Falcon Corps  45
N/A The Ferrari Master Plan  4
N/A The Great Johnathans rhythmist  2
N/A The Local Drumline Beat  10
N/A The Royal Diamonds Indoor Ensemble  4
N/A The Royal Spades Indoor Ensemble  37
N/A Unity Rhythm  7
N/A Vertigo Indoor Percussion  16
N/A Watchmen Indoor Percussion  4
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