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Pride of the Valley
Board of Directors
Warren Blue Devils
Hello everyone,
Congratulations on a great 73 Season. Please join season 74 events. Good Luck.
About United State Band Educators Association
The USBEA (United States Band Educators Association) was founded in 2014, in order to help band grow, and create life-changing experiences for all performers.

N/A Aloha  6
N/A Arcadian Crest High School  14
N/A Arctic Wolves  8
N/A Avery Viking Marching Band  76
N/A band of pride  2
N/A BandBand  49
N/A Berkner Mighty Ram Band  1
N/A Big Blue Crew  1
N/A Big Bryce  18
N/A Blau Macht  4
N/A Blue Streaks  8
N/A Boothbay Marching Huskies  5
N/A Boston Bobcats  6
N/A Broken Glass Marching Band  10
N/A Brooklyn United Marching Band  41
N/A Carmel Wooden Arrow HS Eagle Marching Band  16
N/A Carrboro Cavaliers  21
N/A Cascade Champions  6
N/A Cavalry  3
N/A CHS Tigers MB  9
N/A Colonials  4
N/A Corps Marching Band  25
N/A Cranberry Marching Wildcats  46
N/A Crimson Regiment  9
N/A Crusader Cadets  9
N/A Dauntless All-Star Marching Band  8
N/A Davis High School  19
N/A Divsion Avenue High School Marching Band  15
N/A Eastern Frontier  10
N/A Fayette Marching Spartans  1
N/A FierceForce  6
N/A Golden Brigade  2
N/A Greenwood Bulldog Marching Brigade  5
N/A Greenwood Marching Band  1
N/A Hawk High School  3
N/A HHS  19
N/A Hunteronians B  10
N/A Indiana Elite Marching Band  5
N/A Inertia  32
N/A Infinitive Academy Marching Band  6
N/A Jose Big Cats  3
N/A Kaos  5
N/A Kerk  9
N/A Legio X Frenetis  6
N/A Les Franšais Bleus  42
N/A Majestic Knights  37
N/A Maple Lake Marching Mountain Lions  8
N/A Marching Eagles  58
N/A Marching Lancers  9
N/A Marching Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders  6
N/A Marching Mans  4
N/A Marching Patriots  13
N/A Marching Wolf Cadets  3
N/A Mauldin Mavericks  22
N/A Mercury  3
N/A Mighty Sound of the South  6
N/A Nastalgia Regiment  70
N/A Norman North Marching Band  62
N/A North Cobb Warriors  2
N/A Northern Hurricanes  11
N/A Oak Park Marching Northmen  4
N/A P.A.B.A.N.D  2
N/A Pride of Bentonville  2
N/A Pride of NOLA  10
N/A Pride of the Old North  22
N/A q  4
N/A Ronald Reagan  66
N/A Rosemount  23
N/A Royal Knight Regiment  1
N/A Saints  48
N/A Scioto Regiment  17
N/A South Lafayette High Marching Tigers  2
N/A Spirit of Darkness  21
N/A Starlight Cadets  64
N/A Sundown Marching Band  10
N/A Sunrunners  4
N/A the best show  1
N/A The Blue Desolation  23
N/A The Blue Marching Band  5
N/A The Buzzed Band  8
N/A The Colonial Guard  36
N/A The Conservatoire Marching Kingsmen  6
N/A The Gingers  21
N/A The Golden Dragons  5
N/A The Hamburger Helpers  19
N/A The itty bitty tittie committee  6
N/A The Marching Chargers  1
N/A The Marching Nerds  5
N/A The Marching Zephyrs  20
N/A The Portsmouth Potheads  10
N/A The President's Own  13
N/A The Pride of the Huskies  6
N/A The Red and Blue Silvers  4
N/A The Supreme Band  3
N/A Trump high school marching band  6
N/A Vegas Heat Marching Band  37
N/A Velvet Knights  2
N/A Viking Band  7
N/A Warren Blue Devils  81
N/A Washington County Fine Arts Academy  34
N/A Western New York Marching Marauders  40
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