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East Lansing Marching Pride
Board of Directors
Marching Panthers
Season 50 has arrived, and I am very impressed with how much MYNWA has grown over the seasons. After five seasons, we have grown to many members.
Due to this there has been a limit I have put on those who wish to join the league.
-New members must have a minimum score of 48.500.
I want a league of members who are willing to put in the time and effort to grow the league and to get the highest score possible.
Thank you all, and may you always march on.

If there are any questions about the league please contact me or Knights (cici2137)

About Madison Pearl
To create a league to perform to the highest standards possible. To march and inspire the generations.
Associated with MAPE, HVCG and MPNL

N/A 728 Cadets  23
N/A Blitzers  34
N/A Fighting Tiger Band  3
N/A Greeklands  33
N/A LZHS Marching Band  10
N/A Marching Panthers  61
N/A Marching Rockets  22
N/A United Embassy of Sound  6
N/A William Harrison H.S  7
N/A ZimTownWinTown  4
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