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Season 67 STAMB
DIV 1 Finalists: SIA Knights (2th), William Mason (5th), SIA Esquires (9th)
DIV 2 Finalists: Rain Glyders Marching Band (1st), Pioneer Regiment Cadets (5th, 7th in Prelims), Cardinal Marching Band (5th to 6th to 7th), Platte County Marching Morriones (8th, 6th in Prelims), Spartan Marching Band (9th, 10th in Prelims), Blue Regiment (12th), North Wind Regiment (13th), The Red Lightning (14th)
DIV 3 Finalists: Royal Knights Marching Band (5th), Logan (9th), Evanston band (10th),
About SkyTeam Alliance of Marching Bands
The SkyTeam Alliance of Marching Bands is a newly formed league that is based off a real airline alliance of the same name. We aim to be an active league that is inclusive and competitive for the seasons to come. Do request for an invite to Perihelion should you be interested in joining us!

D2 GHS Marching band  48
N/A AF Regiment  7
N/A All-Iowa Marching Band  12
N/A Band Together  79
N/A Black and Orange Vanguard  68
N/A Blue Regiment  51
N/A Bluebird Regiment  36
N/A Chicago Crusaders  23
N/A Chuck's Reed  50
N/A Croatan High School Marching Cougars  4
N/A Demon High School  5
N/A Draseleus City Marching Band  1
N/A Eclipse  5
N/A Ellis County  5
N/A Evanston band  24
N/A Father Ryan Virtual Band  108
N/A Field of War  56
N/A Geek Core  14
N/A Hillford Titans  3
N/A Legionaires  2
N/A Marching Comets  7
N/A Marching Morriones  54
N/A Mighty Husky Marching Band  6
N/A Miramar Marching Marauders  8
N/A Motor City Marching Experience  47
N/A North Wind Regiment  25
N/A Paradigm Marching Band  4
N/A Park Ridge Marching Band  2
N/A Pawnee regiment  5
N/A PBB  1
N/A Pioneer Regiment Cadets  58
N/A Pride of Chesapeake  18
N/A Pride of Madison Marching Manatees  22
N/A Rain Glyders Marching Band  59
N/A Rangers Marching Ensemble  17
N/A SIA Esquires  64
N/A Simon's Drill  2
N/A Sky Blue Cadets  9
N/A Skyline Regiment  2
N/A Spartan Cadets  17
N/A Spartan Marching Band  31
N/A Synchronicity  37
N/A Synchronicity2  1
N/A Terps  6
N/A The Fort Lake Marching Phenomenon  3
N/A The Mothmen  22
N/A The Ohio Scouts  27
N/A The Queen City Marching Band  2
N/A The Red Lightning  50
N/A The Ville'  1
N/A Thousand dollar marching bois  10
N/A Wauseon Marching Indians  29
N/A We only like brass  4
N/A William Mason  85
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