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Riptide Junior Performance Ensemble
Board of Directors
Air One
Lion Regiment Band
Oviedo Lions
I'm very proud of all of your hard work so far this season. We represent a large proportion of finalists in both div 2 and 3. Keep up the hard work and keep making your league proud.

UPDATE 7/17/20: It is only me. I am the sole proprietor remaining of this league. All of you have gone inactive, but i thrive in this ruin. I will bring greatness upon us. Many will glance at this place, wonder what it could've been. If it wasn't just me in this wasteland. It doesn't matter, I will succeed alone. - YRR

11/26/21 ?? who
About The Jungle
League Record High: 90.090 - RJPE S88)
Div 1 League Champs:N/A
Div 2 League Champs: S74-Air one (79.610)
Div 3 League Champs: S74-Windermere Wolverine Marching Band (72.590)
Representing the best of the best

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