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Send all messages regarding the league or requests to join to AME2ND (Sons of Allen)

Next season, we will have competitions scheduled EVERY DAY. Please keep this in mind when you apply for competitions. There is really no need to apply to other events, because your league will have an event.
About Colonial Association of Drumline Arts

N/A All Meat and No Potatoes  3
N/A Atomic Swing  3
N/A Blue Streak  16
N/A Buccaneers  15
N/A Bulldogs  16
N/A Cavalier Crusade  16
N/A Chantilly Lace  5
N/A Commonwealth Cadets  47
N/A Diminuendo and Crescendo in Blue  3
N/A Drummer's Delight  72
N/A Drumming Elks  57
N/A Dukes  69
N/A Enclave  7
N/A Ethan Allen  72
N/A Galileo  69
N/A Hargrave  47
N/A Hawks  17
N/A Jefferson  71
N/A Joshua's Troop  64
N/A Knights of Malta  68
N/A Malachi  39
N/A Mighty Falcons  13
N/A Old Town  44
N/A Pegasus Beat  57
N/A Pride of Chesapeake  12
N/A Purple Hornets  10
N/A Rice-Foster Ensemble  67
N/A River Zion  44
N/A Rockbridge  43
N/A Saint John's  39
N/A Sons of Allen  48
N/A Spartan Raid  10
N/A Stake  34
N/A Sweetbay  54
N/A The Artillery IPE  48
N/A The Comets  16
N/A The Dolphins  15
N/A Tidewater Rally  71
N/A Trojans  15
N/A We Are Royals  16
N/A Western Wolverines  13
N/A Westover Warriors  4
N/A Wildcats  16
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