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Lawrence High School Marching Raptors
Board of Directors
Hello current and / or prospective members of The Intercontinental Honors Band of Excellence for season 84! Please check out our league and its corresponding events, and feel free to apply for both. Lets make each season better than the last!
About Intercontinental Honors Bands of Excellence
Since being founded in season 83, being accepted to this intercontinental honors society means you have been recognized as a marching band that is dedicated to the arts of performance through music and marching worldwide. IHBE strives to unify the most dedicated performing groups of all classes through tournaments and a community that fosters growth through performance and competitions. IHBE will strive to be an active and consistent organization that helps dedicated musicians perform to new heights and we hope you will be there with us. Welcome!
Honoring the success of our Corps' history, IHBE presents its FMA finalists since its founding in season 83:


DIVISION 1: Sand Lake High School Marching Band 7TH Place

DIVISION 3: Lawrence High School Marching Raptors 1ST Place


DIVISION 1: Nutmeg Rangers Marching Band 5TH Place
Sand Lake High School Marching Band 6TH Place

DIVISION 2: Lawrence High School Marching Raptors 10TH Place
Nostalgic Sound Brigade 11TH Place

DIVISION 3: Golden Band 3RD Place

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