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Mighty Eagle Guard
Board of Directors
Lady Lopers
Congrats to those who won the Eagle Nest Championship!!
About CG Eagle Nest
This is a league open to anyone to join, but only those that win the nest in the championships will gain right of way to the board of directors for the following season. If you are interested in joining, send a message. Anyone is welcome. We will be committed to becoming one of if not the strongest league out there.

D1 Nest Champion: N/A

D2 Nest Champion: Rose City Independent

D3 Nest Champion: Lady Lopers

runner ups:

D1: N/A

D2: Sapphire Independent

D3: Riverbank Winterguard

Caption awards:

Best overall equipment: Rose City Independent (15.810)

Best overall movement: Rose City Independent (15.775)

Best overall ensemble: Rose City Independent (15.880)

Best overall general effect: Rose City Independent (32.005)


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