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High Desert Vanguard
Board of Directors
The Mountainmen Drum and Bugle Corps
The Seawolves
Huge amounts of thanks to sopranomachine for the incredible logo!

If you have been promoted to BoD, please don't hesitate to invite new people to the league. Also, if you have any suggestions to improve the league or make it more fun, please let me or someone on the BoD know! Thank you and good luck!

Congratulations to our S110 LGDC Champions:
D1: High Desert Vanguard: "New Era Metropolis" (85.105)
D2: Lonestar Regiment: "Atlantis" (82.055)
D3: Highlanders: "The Mist of Time" (48.615)

Link to view past LGDC Finals Results:
About League of Gentlemanly Drum Corps
An association of drum corps that promote gentlemanliness and class. Founded in season 107.

S110 FMA Finals Results:
D1: South Star (10th) | High Desert Vanguard (13th), South Sound (20th)

D2: Lonestar Regiment (1st), The Seawolves (2nd), The Mountainmen Drum and Bugle Corps (3rd), Silver Drum and Bugle Corps (6th), Kingdom Come Marching Knights (9th) Serpentine Brigade (12th) | Houston Cadets (29th)

D3: Dominion (6th), Defenders DBC (9th) | Quark DBC (15th), Scavenger-Drum & Bugal Corps (16th), The Seattle Seneschals Drum & Bugle Corps (23rd), Sunset Regiment (25th), Highlanders (27th), Atlanta Dream (28th), Black Mambas B (29th)

Wonderful season gentlemen!
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