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Snow Eagles
Board of Directors
Blue Bells
Dong Suk
Pride of Piney Woods
If you have been promoted to BoD, please don't hesitate to invite new people to the league. Also, if you have any suggestions to improve the league or make it more fun, please let me or someone on the BoD know! Thank you and good luck!

Congratulations to our S109 LGCG Champions:
D1: Snow Eagles: "One Hand, One Heart" (98.690)
D2: Blue Bells: "I'm Blue" (94.510)
D3: Gold Coast C Winter Guard: "The Final Battle" (71.595)
About League of Gentlemanly Color Guards
An association of color guard units that promote gentlemanliness and class. Founded in season 107.

S109 FMA Finals Results:
D1: Snow Eagles (3), Dong Suk (5)
D2: Blue Bells (1!), Vision Guard (3), Pride of Piney Woods (4), Cyborgs (5), Gold Coast B Winter Guard (9), Spinners Regiment (11)
D3: Gold Coast C Winter Guard (2), The Black Knights Winterguard (3), Nova (4), Lonestar Regiment Colorguard (9), Chaos Guard (10)

Honorable Mentions:
D2: Palmetto Guard (15), The Guardian Shields (17), nividia guard (18)
D3: Red Guard (17), Silver Guard Indoor (23)

Good job guys! And a special shout-out to the lower division guards for absolutely DOMINATING finals in Div 2 and 3.
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