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Snow Eagles
Board of Directors
Dong Suk
Progress Guard
If you have been promoted to BoD, please don't hesitate to invite new people to the league. Also, if you have any suggestions to improve the league or make it more fun, please let me or someone on the BoD know! Thank you and good luck!
About League of Gentlemanly Color Guards
An association of color guard units that promote gentlemanliness and class.
D1 Cyborgs  51
D1 Dong Suk  56
D2 Palmetto Guard  19
D2 Pride of Piney Woods  50
D2 Provide  27
D2 The Guardian Shields  22
D3 Chaos Guard  12
D3 panther gaurd  1
D3 Pole Dancers  5
D3 Red Guard  9
D3 Swing Flag Guard  7
N/A Crusader Spinners  2
N/A nivdia guard  38
N/A Philosophy at its Core  12
N/A Progress Guard  59
N/A scout guard  2
N/A Skisly High School Indoor Guard  20
N/A St Ritas Spinners  2
N/A WGI  2
Recent Activity
Provide has reached level 27
1 day ago
Dong Suk has reached level 56
2 days ago
Pride of Piney Woods has reached level 50
3 days ago
Palmetto Guard has reached level 19
3 days ago
The Guardian Shields has reached level 22
4 days ago
Vision Guard has reached level 44
4 days ago
Cyborgs has reached level 51
5 days ago
Swing Flag Guard has reached level 7
6 days ago
Provide has reached level 26
6 days ago
Red Guard has reached level 9
1 week ago