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If you have been promoted to BoD, please don't hesitate to invite new people to the league. Also, if you have any suggestions to improve the league or make it more fun, please let me or someone on the BoD know! Thank you and good luck!

Congratulations to our S118 LGCG Champions:
D1: Snow Eagles: "Constantly Risking Absurdity" (99.780)
D2: ✨Shine✨ : "to the ones who Dream" (94.295)
D3: The Red Tritions Winter Guard B: "Hold On" (74.865)
About League of Gentlemanly Color Guards
An association of color guard units that promote gentlemanliness and class. Founded in season 107.
D1 Cyborgs  91
D1 Hamachi  102
D1 Les Roses  71
D1 Lonestar Regiment Colorguard  70
D1 Palmetto Guard Company  64
D2 ✨Shine✨  65
D2 Cubic Guard  38
D2 Godley Pride Guard  50
D2 Hobbiton Color Guard  67
D2 Houstonia World Independent  49
D2 Insanity  23
D2 Joe Mama /Bikini Bottom HS Winter Guard  34
D2 Los Ojos Winter Guard  16
D2 Quark Indoor Guard  62
D2 The Red Tritions Winter Guard B  25
D2 The Red Tritions Winterguard  37
D3 Anaheim Kingsmen Winterguard  28
D3 Blue Cadets Color Guard  22
D3 Blue Gerrymanders  8
D3 Defenders of the Flag  2
D3 Eclipse Shadow Guard  19
D3 Ewa Beach Winter Guard  17
D3 Gold Coast B Winterguard  30
D3 Manhattan Italian Color Guard  10
D3 Summit Winterguard  7
D3 The headwhackers  4
D3 The Syndicate Indoor Guard  18
D3 The Truth  10
N/A Aurora  22
N/A Black Star Winter Guard  7
N/A Blue Bells  93
N/A Blue Bells B  3
N/A Blue Hawks  4
N/A Buchanan High School Independent  68
N/A Chaos Guard  15
N/A Chattahoochee River Color Guard  14
N/A Crimson Color Guard  3
N/A Crusader Spinners  2
N/A Dominion Guard  37
N/A Dong Suk  62
N/A 𝕍𝕆ℝ𝕋𝔼𝕏 𝕀𝕟𝕕.  1
N/A Eagle Guard  2
N/A East Coast Diamonds Guard  9
N/A Edinburgh Scots  2
N/A Edison Winter Guard  6
N/A Eternal Glory World Guard  90
N/A Flowing Flags  2
N/A Freedom Colorguard  9
N/A Frontier Independent  33
N/A Full Moon  12
N/A Green Hope Winterguard  29
N/A Lightning bolts  5
N/A Medusa Winterguard  5
N/A nivdia guard  38
N/A Nova  21
N/A panther gaurd  1
N/A Pearl City High Winter Guard  18
N/A Philosophy at its Core  12
N/A Pride of Piney Woods  57
N/A Progress Guard  62
N/A Provide  27
N/A Rhett Independent  2
N/A Ridge Valley Guard  26
N/A Russes  10
N/A Sandy  7
N/A scout guard  2
N/A Silver Guard  13
N/A Skisly High School Indoor Guard  20
N/A Spinners Regiment  51
N/A St Ritas Spinners  2
N/A St. Mary's Independent  36
N/A Stepstone Indoor Guard  27
N/A Sunshine Spinners  5
N/A Swing Flag Guard  7
N/A The Black Knights Winterguard  27
N/A The Emerald Dancers  1
N/A The Guardian Shields  29
N/A The Harmony Winter Guard  2
N/A The Solstice Solaria Colour Corps  8
N/A Turbines  6
N/A Vengeful Gladiators  39
N/A WGI  2
N/A White Winds  10
N/A Winged Warriors  42
Recent Activity
The headwhackers has reached level 4
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The Syndicate Indoor Guard has reached level 18
21 hours ago
✨Shine✨ has reached level 65
2 days ago
Snow Eagles has reached level 125
2 days ago
Joe Mama /Bikini Bottom HS Winter Guard has reached level 34
2 days ago
The Truth has reached level 10
3 days ago
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Blue Gerrymanders has reached level 8
3 days ago
Blue Cadets Color Guard has reached level 22
3 days ago
Palmetto Guard Company has reached level 64
3 days ago
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3 days ago
Manhattan Italian Color Guard has reached level 10
4 days ago
Defenders of the Flag has joined the league
4 days ago
The Truth has reached level 9
5 days ago
Les Roses has reached level 71
5 days ago
The Syndicate Indoor Guard has reached level 16
6 days ago
Lonestar Regiment Colorguard has reached level 70
6 days ago
The Red Tritions Winterguard has reached level 37
7 days ago