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If you have been promoted to BoD, please don't hesitate to invite new people to the league. Also, if you have any suggestions to improve the league or make it more fun, please let me or someone on the BoD know! Thank you and good luck!

Congratulations to our S120 LGDL Champions:
D1: Mystique: "Katz" (94.770)
D2: LBC Percussion: "Fables of Faubus" (86.220)
D3: Ohio Valley Shock: "Beez" (54.215)
About League of Gentlemanly Drumlines
An association of drumlines that promote gentlemanliness and class. Founded in season 107.
D1 Carolina Beat inc.  63
D1 Eternal Glory Percussion  91
D1 Full Circle  92
D1 Knights Drumline  150
D1 Lumberton HS Winterline  93
D1 Michigan Matrix Indoor Lakerline  70
D1 Mystique  96
D1 Piedra Del Sol  72
D1 Robinson Secondary School Indoor Drum Line  150
D2 Blue Drummin’ Italians  21
D2 Blue Cadets Drumline  33
D2 Cone Indoor Percussion  40
D2 Dark Void Percussion  27
D2 Gulf Knights Independent  58
D2 Joe Mama Highschool Raider Percussion  36
D2 Palm Beach Wave Percussion Ensemble  42
D2 Pentium Percussion Ensemble  70
D2 TFS  56
D2 The Syndicate Indoor Percussion  24
D3 Blue Timbales  5
D3 Kinetic Street Performing Arts  20
D3 NYK Drumline  21
D3 SV World Percussion  21
N/A Allegheny Indoor  31
N/A Anaheim Kingsmen Indoor  28
N/A Atomic Sound  11
N/A Avant-Guard  2
N/A Battalion  27
N/A Belfast Titania  2
N/A Black Rain  93
N/A Blue Oyster Group  62
N/A Blue Ridge Saga  21
N/A Boston Charm  10
N/A California Cavaliers Cadets Drumline  6
N/A California Cavaliers Drumline  118
N/A Cascade Rhythm  2
N/A Chattahoochee River Indoor Flub Line  16
N/A City Different Drumline  41
N/A City of Seattle Brigade - The Space Needlers  8
N/A Cleveland Rock Drumline  9
N/A Cortex Percussion  16
N/A Cougar Drumline  30
N/A Crimson Knights Indoor  4
N/A Crossroads Indoor  2
N/A Crossroads Percussion  7
N/A Cyclone Independent Percussion  28
N/A Dominion Drums  36
N/A East Coast Diamonds Drumline  8
N/A East Cosway Indoor  7
N/A Edison Indoor Drumline  6
N/A Etonix Alpine Drumline  3
N/A Fighting Peguines  3
N/A Fuji  1
N/A Fury  71
N/A Ghost Legion  121
N/A Gold Coast B Indoor  30
N/A Gold Coast Indoor  64
N/A Harddrummers  41
N/A Harmony Drumline  2
N/A HaZard Drumline  13
N/A Humphrey High School Pulse Beats  2
N/A Kraken  109
N/A LBC Percussion  71
N/A Line Drum CMB  1
N/A Lonestar Regiment Drum line  71
N/A M.E.K. Percussion  4
N/A Meadowbrook percussion  11
N/A Mighty Bird Drumline  38
N/A Monarchs  4
N/A Moose of War  1
N/A North Shore Percussion  18
N/A Ohio Valley Shock  12
N/A Patrick Star  6
N/A PC Cadets  1
N/A Peak Percussion  10
N/A Peral City Drumline  18
N/A Petaling Jaya Irama  58
N/A Poseidon  5
N/A Pride of Cincinnati - Drumline  23
N/A Pride of Godley Drumline  60
N/A Purple Failures Drumline  10
N/A Quark Percussion  63
N/A Quintuplet  29
N/A Raider Rumble  16
N/A Razor Drumline  7
N/A Rhythm of the Unknown  12
N/A Ridge Valley Percussion  26
N/A Ritari Rumpu  46
N/A River Run Rangers  6
N/A Scarlet Indoor Percussion Ensemble  10
N/A Shatter Indoor  6
N/A Silver Indoor Percussion  14
N/A Silver Platoon  8
N/A Soaring Chaos  26
N/A Sound of the South  2
N/A Southern Stroke Roll  43
N/A St. Xavier Independent  35
N/A Static Percussuon  8
N/A Steelmen Indoor Percussion Ensemble  4
N/A Stepstone Indoor Percussion  26
N/A Talon Drumline  2
N/A The Black Knights Indoor Percussion Ensemble  28
N/A The Gourmands  2
N/A The Red Tritons Indoor  42
N/A The Red Tritons Indoor B  24
N/A Velvet Crusaders  32
N/A Waddling Falcons  3
N/A Wake Turbulence  42
N/A WallofSpocks  17
Recent Activity
NYK Drumline has reached level 21
11 hours ago
Percussion Unlimited has joined the league
19 hours ago
Mystique has reached level 96
19 hours ago
Mountaintop Indoor Percussion has reached level 7
23 hours ago
Kinetic Street Performing Arts has reached level 20
1 day ago
Mountaintop Indoor Percussion has reached level 6
2 days ago
TFS has reached level 56
3 days ago
The Syndicate Indoor Percussion has reached level 24
3 days ago
Mountaintop Indoor Percussion has reached level 5
4 days ago
Full Circle has reached level 92
4 days ago
Cone Indoor Percussion has reached level 40
5 days ago
Palm Beach Wave Percussion Ensemble has reached level 42
5 days ago
Blue Cadets Drumline has reached level 33
5 days ago
Gulf Knights Independent has reached level 58
5 days ago
Blue Drummin’ Italians has reached level 21
5 days ago
Mountaintop Indoor Percussion has reached level 4
6 days ago
SV World Percussion has reached level 21
7 days ago
The Syndicate Indoor Percussion has reached level 23
7 days ago
Kinetic Street Performing Arts has reached level 19
7 days ago
Piedra Del Sol has reached level 72
7 days ago