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Congratulations to our Season 110 DCL Champions!

Division I: Si Feng DBC: "Flight of Passage" (91.755)
Division II: Echo Drum and Bugle Corps: "Space and Time" (77.545)
Division III: Galactic Regiment: "Moving Through Space" (80.265)
About Drum Corps League
We are the Drum Corps League, one of FMA's best and most active leagues for drum corps! Our purpose is to organize multiple contests for member groups.

S110 FMA Finalists Results:
DI: Si Feng DBC (6), Maple City Cadets (9), Central Symphony (11), Spirit of the Raiders (12)
DII: Echo Drum and Bugle Corp (4), Queen City Crusaders (7), Lone Star of the South (8)
DIII: Galactic Regiment (2), Mountaineers (3), Screaming Eagles (4), Vanguard (5), Knights (7), Star of Zionsville (11), Vertigo (12)

Honorable Mentions:
DI: Eternal Glory (14)
DII: The Black Knights DC (13), City Different Drum Corps (14), Legacy Cadets (19), Scarlet Rogues Drum & Bugle Corps (20)
DIII: Hobbiton Marching Corps (13), Artillery Drum and Bugle Corps (14), Pacific Regiment (19), Lone Star (20), Citymen (21), Star of Indiana (22)

March 5th
Mountain Fest
March 5th
Drum Corps Midwest
March 8th
Drum Corps Japan
March 10th
DCI Indiana
March 23rd
Stars Invitational

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