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About United Bands Association
Welcome to the United Bands Association, the premier league for high school marching arts in the realm of fantasy! The UBA is where the best and brightest high school performers come together to showcase their impressive musical and dance skills. Each year, the UBA holds a national championship where participating teams take part in epic battles of the band, showcasing their talent and wowing the crowds.

Each performance is judged by a panel of accomplished wizards, bards, and other enchanted musical experts, who evaluate the performers based on their musicality, technical skills, and overall magical performance.

At the end of the season, the school with the most points is named the UBA National Champion, and the winning team is awarded a magical trophy that provides them with a mysterious power to boost their performances in the following year's competition. The UBA is dedicated to promoting an inclusive, supportive atmosphere that encourages both newcomers and experienced performers to flourish. The league provides funding for travel, magical gear, and other expenses associated with performing for all competitors.

The United Bands Association is a one-of-a-kind league that truly captures the spirit of music and magic. It's an exciting world where music and fantasy come together in perfect harmony to create unforgettable experiences for all involved. Join us and become a part of the UBA family today!

For those promoted to the Board of Directors role, please don't be afraid to advertise and invite new groups!
November 17th
UBA Miami
November 25th
UBA East Rutherford
December 8th
UBA Championships

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